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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Brand New Amish Novella By the BEST of the BEST!!

"An Amish Cradle"

By Amy Clipston
    Beth Wiseman
    Kathleen Fuller
    Vannetta Chapman

How could this book not be fabulous???  These top Amish fiction authors have put their efforts together into a book that "Wows" every reader!!! Of course, Amish Fiction just happens to be my favorite genre, so I just may be a bit biased! As well, all of these authors just happen to be  my favourites! 

Each of these ladies has written a novella dealing with the birth of an infant. It is surprising how although each is a separate story, they seem to tie together in the most perfect way. The stories have a common theme, babies! But these particular stories deal with topics that differ from the norm. The Amish are real people and encounter the same kind of challenges as you and I! They are not exempt, because they have a strong faith! Surprise!! They are human!  Each author deals with tough subjects but does it in such a delicate , compassionate way. Generally, you don't read an Amish novel that deals with Down's Syndrome, or a child born out of wedlock, or a blind mother's challenges when she delivers twins, or when a mom has another child at age 42! These amazing authors gave me such insight into these four families. Each situation became a part of my life. The stories had me feeling their challenges, crying with them as well as rejoicing in their happiness! God has given these four authors a special gift to communicate His love, support, forgiveness and hope in such a positive fashion. You can feel their love for the Lord shining through their writing. 

This is a book that I would highly recommend to all readers. It is definitely worthy of five stars!! It will show you that although the Amish communities appear peaceful, full of faith, the individuals experience trials just as we do! I loved the way in which problems were solved, all with faith, hope and trust in God's wisdom. Each one in the same way- listening to tha quiet voice of our Lord and allowing Him to carry out His plans for their lives! 
Don't miss this book!! It' s truly magnificent!!

Beth Wiseman: "In His Father's Arms"
Anne has been dreaming about motherhood her entire life. Now she is doubly excited that she and her best friend are due with their children the same week,. 
But when Ruth's baby is born with Down's syndrome, she and her husband struggle to understand God's plan.

Amy Clipston: "A Son for Always"
Carolyn and Joshua are thrilled to be pregnant with their first child. Carolyn was just a teenager when she had her son, Benjamin. She feels solely responsible to secure his future. As Joshua watches Carolyn struggle to accept his support, he knows he has to convince her that he will always take care of Ben. He has become his OWN son!

Kathleen Fuller: "A Heart Full of Love"
Ellie's mother has  not stopped meddling in her personal life since Ellie lost her sight and now has taken it up a notch since Ellie is pregnant. When Ellie  gives birth to twins, her insists on moving in to care for them . When the situation becomes unbearable , Ellie is forced to take a stand... and finally find out why Mamm can't let go!!

Vannetta Chapman: "An Unexpected Blessing"
At age 42. Etta thought that she was finished having children, but she's pregnant again. Aflter a frightening labor, Etta finally gives birth, but her constant worry over her estranged grown son, David, haunts her still As a new mother again, Etta must hold tightly to the promise that God will watch over her children and that one day, David will return. 

About the Authors.:

Award-winning, bestselling author Beth Wiseman is best known for her Amish novels, but she has also written several successful contemporary novels, set primarily in her beloved Texas, including Need You Now and The House that Love Built. Both have received glowing reviews. Beth's The Promise is inspired by a true story. Website: www.bethwiseman.com Twitter: @bethwiseman Facebook: Fans-of-Beth-Wiseman

Amy Clipston is the best-selling author of the  Kauffman Amish Bakery seriesHer novels  have hit multiple best-seller lists including CBD, CBA, and ECPA. She and her family live in North Carolina. Website: www.amyclipston.com

Kathleen Fuller is the author of several bestselling novels, including A Man of His Word and Treasuring Emma, as well as a middle-grade Amish series, The Mysteries of Middlefield. Website: www.kathleenfuller.com Twitter: @TheKatJam Facebook: Author Kathleen Fuller

Vannetta Chapman is author of the best-selling novel A Simple Amish Christmas. She has published over one hundred articles in Christian family magazines, receiving over two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups. She discovered her love for the Amish while researching her grandfather's birthplace of Albion, Pennsylvania. Website: www.vannettachapman.com Twitter: @VannettaChapman Facebook: VannettaChapmanBooks

This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. Looking forward to this book coming out. Can't wait to read it.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the collection. Thanks for reviewing, Karla!


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