Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review of An Excellent Read- BUT not a new book!

A Time to Dance
By Karen Kingsbury
Karen Kingsbury is a talented author who has written many superior Christian fiction books, however, I was very disappointed, upon the arrival of this book, that it was a book written in 2001, that had a different cover, but was the same story that I read 10 years ago!!
The main characters, Abby and John are well developed throughout the book and you become fully engrossed in their family problems. They are parents of almost grown children, with the youngest son going off to college , as a fantastic football player, having been coached throughout high school by his dad.  Abby and John had grown apart but were waiting for their children to leave home, before telling them their devastating news. It was time... they thought.
Instead, of being able to announce their "news", their daughter surprised them with the happy  announcement that she had been saving for the right moment.  You can actually feel the tension in this household, living a life that isn't truthful and is a complete lie to what is really happening between husband and wife. The lies and deceit eat away at this family, throughout this story. It is not book to put away unfinished. You get the distinct feeling that God is at work, but have no idea how or if they will allow God's plan to be fulfilled. 
The Christian faith rings out  throughout the book clearly and concisely.  God can take control but only if we allow him to do so. Well written and worth reading- if you haven't read it before!!
Book provided by Booksneeze in exchange for a review.

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