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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jerry Eicher Continues the Emma Raber's Daughter Series!!

"Katie's Forever Promise"  

        By Jerry S. Eicher

When I commenced to read Book Three of the Emma Raber's Daughter series, "Katie's Forever Promise" , I really wondered if it could possibly be as good as the other two. It was NO surprise, that my answer YES came very quickly! In fact by the time, I had finished Chapter One, I knew that I was on my way to another unique situation, that would be taken care of in a surprising way- according to God's plan, and ... that, we can never predict! 


Katie Raber had thought that she had met the man of her dreams, Ben Stoll, however, her heart was broken when he was arrested on drug charges. To top it off, she had taken a trip with some Mennonite friends to the places of her Amish origin and it turned out to be Ben's illegal money that enabled her vacation. The story begins, a year later, when Ben is released from prison. Katie says she wants nothing more to do with him, she has learned her lesson and knows better than to give him a second chance,  but.... 

Katie has become  a proficient teacher in a small school in her Delaware Amish  community .  She seeing Norman Kuntz, expecting him to propose to her sometime very soon. Her new stepsister, Mabel, who you would know as a very vindictive, nasty person -if you have read Books one and two, has her eyes on Norman and is determined to win him over , adding friction to the already tense family situation.

When Ben is shot, it is presumed that he is dying. Katie decides to allow his parents to convince her to go to see him so that he can apologize for his betrayal of her.  Norman discovers this meeting, putting a hold on their relationship. When Katie is once again called to Ben's side, she thinks carefully about the aftereffects- what will Norman do , if she agrees to the visit?? If he and the school board find out, she may lose her teaching job and destroy a relationship. Should she go or stay?? Katie Raber is facing a decision that will change her life forever, regardless of her decision.

How will she make the correct decision? Will Katie listen to God's quiet voice speaking to her??

Jerry has a special talent of making his characters realistic , facing REAL problems. As he was raised Amish, his books are true to the Plain People. The community as well as the situations are those that easily could be true. I felt deeply for Katie Raber, as I had already discovered her to be a close friend , in the two previous books.  Challenges, worries and fears rocked her life, from the time of childhood to young adulthood. At times, I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her that it would be alright. The desire to give her advice overcame my common sense at times!! After all, Katie was a fictitious character in a book!! Could she hear my thoughts?? 

The plot is complicated and has subplots that are intertwined so well, that you  never know what will happen next. Just when you think you have figured out how the next chapter will go, Jerry throws in a twist! You are kept in suspense until the final page is read.

Jerry Eicher has sold over 500,000 books!! You wonder why?? Because they are five star books!! Good Amish fiction!!

This book was provided by the author and Harvest House Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review.

A New Book from New York Times bestselling author of "Full Disclosure"

               By Dee Henderson

Most people recognize the name, "Dee Henderson" as a fantastic author of Christian suspense fiction! I , myself have been a fan of some of her books, while others, let's just say, I enjoyed to a certain extent. It all has to do with personal preferences. I like the quick pace, heart throbbing suspense novel that keeps me on the edge of my seat! 

Dee, on the other hand, takes time laying out the groundwork. As I read, I found myself, appreciating that it was a pleasant surprise. There was not some of the pulse racing scenes of some of her other novels, but I loved the deeper focus on her main characters' relationships and the unique setting. You became familiar with these people and before long, understood the strong focus on their growth. Understanding, sympathizing and feeling their emotions deeply was so easy to do, as the story progressed. You actually KNEW these characters!! They became friends and family members. Understanding how they became the way they were, was  very intense in your mind , as the plot slowly took form.

 It seemed as if the plot moved very slowly in the first half of the book. I must admit that I became impatient. I kept thinking that I was finished learning about coin collectors, however , that became very much a part of a complicated plot. These facts were necessary for understanding what was occurring in the lives of those involved. As I read on, my attention was captivated by a very unique mystery. 

I must say Dee has gained a new fan!! 
This book was very different than previous ones that I have read by her. 
I was impressed with the depth of the character study and the intertwining plots that were imaginative and unusual! 

I would give this book four stars. A great read, but be prepared to be surprised at this different style.

Synopsis: (taken from back cover of the book)

Charlotte Graham is at the center of the most famous kidnapping in Chicago history.

The task force of FBI and local cops found her two abductors, killed them, rescued her, but it took four very long years. The fact she was found less than three miles from her home, had been there the entire time, haunts them. She's changed her identity, found a profession she loves, and rebuilt her life.

She's never said a word--to the cops, to her doctors, to family--about those four years. 
A family legacy has brought her back to Chicago where a reporter is writing a book about the kidnapping. The cops who worked the case are cooperating with him. Her options are limited: Hope the reporter doesn't find the full truth, or break her silence about what happened. And her silence is what has protected her family for years.

Bryce Bishop doesn't know her past, he only knows she has coins to sell from her grandfather's estate--and that the FBI director for the Chicago office made the introduction. The more he gets to know Charlotte, the more interested he becomes, an interest encouraged by those closest to her. But nothing else is working in his favor--she's decided she is single for life, she struggles with her faith, and she's willing to forego a huge inheritance to keep her privacy. She's not giving him much of an opening to work with.

Charlotte wants to trust him. She needs to tell him what happened. Because a crime cops thought was solved, has only opened another chapter...

Book was supplied by Bethany House in exchange for an honest and fair review.

All Lauraine Snelling Fans MUST Read This New Book!!

"An Untamed Heart"

By Lauraine Snelling, 
Author of the Red River of the North Series

I must admit that I had heard many good things about Lauraine Snelling , as a writer, but to date, had not had the opportunity to read any of her works. When this book became available for review purposes, I did request it, due to the high regard so many readers have of this author.

This book is a prequel to the others in the Red River of the North. However, I felt that as it was a prequel, although I hadn't read the others, it would be fine! WRONG!!! I would have had a much more pleasurable experience if I had known about the Bjorklund and Strand families. Don't get me wrong! I did enjoy the book , once I had read about a third of it, and had figured out the relationship between the families and who was who!! My own fault for not delving into the earlier books of the series.

Due to my lack of familiarity with the other books in the series, I found it somewhat difficult to get right into this story. It took me so long to understand the family, locality , and connections, that I feel that my review is somewhat inaccurate. I have to go back and reread the others now!  The story is extremely well written and  would definitely qualify as a great historical fiction. Although it is not my favourite genre, as I continued to read, it became a "hard to put down" book!!  It was certainly an enjoyable read, but I wouldn't advise a reader to start with this book. The series should be read in order.

"An Untamed Heart" takes you right into the inner being of twenty year old Ingeborg Strand and her extreme worries and fears of never being able to find the perfect man to marry. Her family does not understand or care about these quiet fears. Her native home, in Norway , is a rather secluded area, where she may NEVER find the man of her dreams. Ingeborg, her siblings and cousins go , every summer, to their summer farm in the mountains. There, she can at least escape the critical eye of her mother, for whom she nevers seems to do anything the right way, unable to please her.

There is also a parallel story line involving a young, handsome student , Nils, who dreads and would do anything to to accept the duties, that his father assigns to him in the family business.  He does not wish to be the heir to their family fortune!! Upon leaving his home, to rethink his options , and to study in peace, he has an accident, throwing him helplessly into the summer home of Ingeborg.  A romance slowly and carefully develops. The problem is, that Ingeborg's life is further complicated by meeting widower, Roald and his young son.  The story line is rather slow at this part of the book. I did think that there was a dwelling on details of the farm that could have been shortened in some way. More romance and less description would have helped my level of interest. However, if I had read the other books, my opinion may have been different.  

I definitely was challenged by trying to keep straight all of the siblings and cousins. Fans of the other books in the series would not have experienced this.

I did love the setting and the developing romance and would highly recommend this book to  all of Louraine's fans. I may just have to read the others to fully appreciate this book.

I would give it a four star rating, Well written and deep feelings were described in detail. I could feel Ingeborg's frustrations and challenges. Next time, I will make a wiser choice and read the books in the correct order.

About the Author:
Lauraine Snelling, an award-winning author of fifty-plus books with sales of over 2 million copies, also writes for a wide range of magazines and teaches at writers' conferences across the country. She and her husband make their home in Tehachapi, California.

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Available at your favourite bookseller from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group".

An Amish Christmas Story Not to Be Missed!!!

"Annie's Christmas Wish"           

      By Barbara Cameron

This is the fourth in  Barbara's "Quilts of Lancaster Series' and it was certainly no surprise or disappointment! This book is another winner! The author takes the Amish out of the secure, peaceful community in which they live, travelling to... of all places!!  New York City!! Totally different setting from most of the Amish genre.  If you enjoy reading Amish books but like a change from the norm, try this one!

Every since her stepmother, Jenny purchased a snow globe of the New York City skyline, Annie has had the greatest desire to visit this busy, hustling, bustling place. Annie dreams of being a writer, just like Jenny, knowing that it will not happen in her own community!  She wants to see the New York Times building and see how she would feel to live in this exciting town.

Jenny's purpose in visiting her former place of employment, is to receive an award for her writing. As unlikely as it seems for an Amish family, set in its ways, they decide to go with her on a vacation. Along with Annie's friend, Aaron, they proceed to do the typical tourist sightseeing, the store windows, and skate at Rockefeller Center rink. This is so totally foreign to this conservative people. The many feelings they experience, fear, nervousness, threats, as well as excitement is so well developed in each unique character that you feel, with them. Your heart breaks for some of the disappointments and fears of the individuals.  Each becomes a close friend, near to your heart. The character development is what always makes for a good read for me. I must be able to identify with at least one of the characters and certainly had no difficulty in doing this in this book!

Aaron watches Annie's excitement and enthusiasm, with concern and fear. What if Annie won't return to the quieter life?? His love for her could be the breaking point!!  If she stays to work in New York City, all of his plans for their future will dissolve.  An unexpected offer that Annie receives threatens to change ALL of their lives forever!! 

Will Annie be able to accept God's plan for her life?? Will the thrill and excitement destroy a romance??

Definitely a book to put on your Christmas reading list!!

I enjoyed every minute and regretted the moment when the story came to an end.

This book was supplied by the author and Abingdon Press Fiction, in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Emotion Filled True Story of a Mother's Fight to Live!

"The Long Awakening"                      
  By Lindsey O'Connor

In this day and age, having a baby should be easy , with complications rarely happening, right???  Well, in the case of LIndsey, this became a tragic moment. The joy of a new infant was overcome by a mother's life-threatening coma!! Would she have a miraculous recovery and awakening or was it time to leave this world to go to the arms of her Lord??

Lindsey tells her story of her unexpected pregnancy and the tragic situation that develops immediately after the birth of a healthy baby girl. Her day started with all the happiness and excitement that a new baby brings, however ended with running, panic , blood and tears. The baby thrives, Lindsey exists!! In a deep unknown world of nothingness. She goes into a coma, from which few think she will ever recover. This tragedy is described in detail, keeping you glued to the page, wanting to know what Lindsey's future will be, if indeed, there is a future for her on this earth. 

Meanwhile , there is a newborn , healthy, and needing to be loved. Without her mother's care and love, will she thrive??  Lindsey's elder daughter takes over, giving up her dreams of college, for the moment, to care for this tiny sister. The depth of a sister's love is described in such detail that you become part of her challenges, joys and discouragement. She continues to grow in the Lord, as she fills her mother's shoes, in nurturing this new little one. 
The present is a nightmare situation for the family. Although Lindsey's husband never gives up, she relates his worries, fears and heartache in a depth that you can feel in your inner most being.

Forty seven days later, Lindsey first shows signs of regaining her consciousness. The first thing she sees is her husband's face leaning over her.Lindsey's road to recovery is long and at times wearisome and discouraging. With her family, she fights to relearn how to return to her family , as a mom. It is a VERY long journey and she describes it in depth. 

Although I generally prefer not to read books written in the first person, this story grabbed me from the very first page. I could feel the pain, heartache, and tragedies. It is a spectacular work of recalling and recovering, told in a sincere and meaningful way. The times of weeping and fear experienced by this Christian family touched me deeply. What a mother will do to return to her family, although hard physically and emotionally, is simply amazing and shows us the power of God,  who has much to do in His plan for them. 

Definitely a book to leave you reflecting on the value of life and how God is at work , even in the toughest situations.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. 
Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group".

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Book of Three Amish Novellas that are guaranteed to touch your heart!

"An Amish Miracle"

Three Amish Novellas

By Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reed and
           Mary Ellis

"Always in My Heart"
    By Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis deals with a topic that is well known in society today-  an unwed mother who gives up the babe.   She does this in a most sensitive, positive manner, dealing with all the deep feelings that are present before and after the fact. Hope Bowman truly believes that God is punishing her for giving up her firstborn son many years ago. She was a teen mom , and on top of that , was Amish!  She has hidden this fact from her husband , in fear of his response, if this fact came out in the open. She has struggled with this secret, as she has given birth to daughters, but her husband greatly desires a son! Hope prays and prays, seemingly to no avail to become pregnant and fulfill his wishes. The son God sends her isn't through a new  pregnancy! God's answer is evident is apparent in the appearance of the fifteen year old boy she gave away years ago.

"Always, His Providence"
       By Ruth Reid

Rosa Hostetler, the main character, is a widow, who encounters a roadblock in her path to become independent.  She must pay her delinquent taxes in one month or she will lose her farm to a county public auction. Her determination to save her home is shown by her willingness to sell whatever is necessary to pay the lien, BUT she will NO request money from the community's widow fund to help her. A proud woman, Rosa is too embarrassed and refuses to admit that she needs help. Her source of income is selling eggs, but before long, that livelihood is threatened. Only a miracle can help Rosa! Will she allow a kind neighbor into her heart enough to let him help her??

"Always Beautiful"
By Beth Wiseman

The third novella in this book deals with another "touchy" subject. Becky Beiler, an eighteen year old is overweight and terribly embarrassed . She is overwhelmed when comparing her looks to other girls her age. Now, this becomes a complication, because to admit this would be pride in oneself, and the Amish frown upon this. The Lord made you and why would He have made a mistake?? At one point, Becky is so  desperate, that she considers taking her own life-definitely against her beliefs. As she stands beside the water,unable to swim,  where she plans to end her pain, she begs God for a miracle to take place. In a few months, Becky sees the prayer answered, as food and temptation lose their hold over her. At long last, she is pleased with how she looks, however, is not sure that she likes the person that she has become. The man who has loved her all along has been there all the time but has Becky seen him and recognized his devotion??? Will God be able to change Becky's desires and soften her heart??

This book of Amish novellas is the BEST that I have ever read. Each author deals with sensitive subjects that we don't often see addressed in Amish fiction. It certainly recognizes the fact that the Amish individuals have the same very real problems that we have. The way they approach them, is what is addressed in each novella. Life becomes complicated and a true trust  and faith in God is needed for each main character to win the battle placed before them. This is done in a creative, yet realistic fashion, that appeals to our deep emotions and makes the characters live within us, if only for a short time. 

These three authors have managed to connect the characters in each of the novellas in a unique way. What talent , we see, exhibited in these stories!!

All I can say is WOW!!! I was so impressed!! LOVED all three of these short stories. Eagerly waiting for more!!

Definitely, put this book on your to read list! A five star book.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book 6 of the Daughters of the Promise Series by Beth Wiseman is a HIT!!

"Plain Peace"                    

By Beth Wiseman

I know that when I pick up a new book by popular writer, Beth Wiseman, that I will not be disappointed!! Her Amish, as well as her contemporary novels, are always heartwarming, touching  me in a special way.

 "Plain Peace" is Book Six in her Daughters of the Promise series. Her fans, including myself, have all been waiting for this story, thinking it may be the last in this series. BUT.... is it?? When asked, Beth replied, "It might be!"  Upon reading the ARC , I found that  this story seemed to tie up loose ends and left me feeling satisfied! Although we fans, always want more, this book does leave us happy, but YES Beth, we could always read another!!! LOL

Anna Byler, the main character, is of the age when she should be enjoying her Rumspringa ( running around period), however, although it is allowed by the faith, her strict grandfather (the bishop)  will not allow it. He seems to be lacking in compassion and care, enforcing this rule with a firm hand. I pictured him as an elderly man who smiled little, however, was faithful to his Amish faith and lifestyle. This opinion does change , but first impressions are what are set in my mind. Anna is VERY worried of how she will ever find a suitor who will face up to her grandfather, so that she can have a normal courtship. Due to his oppressive watch, Anna feels herself losing her faith. She is forced to deceive her Daadi , in order to pursue her dream of marriage and a family.

Jacob Hostetler and his family arrive on the scene, having relocated to Lancaster County, due to a family tragedy that had taken place in Ohio. They are all struggling to rebuild their lives, while Jacob is forced to take the role of the head of the household. His Daad is not coping well with his grief , thus leaving the others to fend for themselves. Jacob cannot remember his days of happiness. They seem so far in his past. But, joy does meet him head on, in the form of Anna  Byler. BUT will Anna's grandfather ever accept him and approve a relationship???  Will Jacob be brave enough to face him and the consequences of pursuing his beautiful granddaughter?? Is there a happy future for him?? For Anna??

Bishop Byler is so rigid in his opinions and enforcements of his beliefs of the Old Order Amish , that Anna wonders if she can ever have a life of her own!  Is he even capable of thinking of allowing her some freedom?? How will this affect her behavior and that of Jacob??  How will the Amish community respond to events caused by his strict rules??

Beth manages, as always,  to write with great compassion and deep understanding of the Amish lifestyle, their challenges, problems, and decisions. The characters are real people with real problems. These individuals have the same problems as you and I, however don't always seek the same road  as we would,  to solve them. Beth's faith shines through these characters. Each has a unique personality that makes them become a  lovable friend. Her talent of appealing to your empathy and faith is outstanding. You reach into your inner being , in deep thought, long after the story has been read.

The main plot is full of unexpected twists and turns. We are brought into the Amish world with its unique complications. Just when you have lost hope, redemption comes to the surface. Beth tackles difficult subjects with compassion and grace. The message comes through this book loud and clear! God can redeem anyone, even the most unredeemable. The hardest heart can become filled with His grace and we ALL are capable of making the right choice. Listening and heeding God's advice can change the individual, the community , .... and why not the world?

A FIVE star book!! Releases on Nov. 12, 2013! Don't miss it.

Book was supplied by the author.

A New Author to Me!! Glad that I discovered her!!

"The Bargain"            
By Stephanie Reed   


Book one in the Plain City Peace series.
It’s 1971, and Betsie Troyer’s peaceful and predictable life is about to become anything but.
When their parents flee the Amish, nineteen-year-old Betsie and her seventeen-year-old sister Sadie are distraught. Under the dubious guidance of a doting aunt, the girls struggle to keep the secret, praying their parents will return before anyone learns the truth—a truth that may end all hopes of Betsie’s marriage to Charley Yoder.

I must say, that I was delighted to have in my hands, an Amish fiction book, by an author of whom I had never heard. New authors are always of interest- you just never know when you will find someone with outstanding, creative talent. Yes, sometimes, the books are a disappointment, but I am always willing to give someone a try! This book was a pleasure to read and review. NOT your typical Amish tale! No Englischer coming into the community to influence and fall in love with a naive Amish female! Yes, romance played a part, but the book involved so much more. The time frame of this story was also quite different from the norm- it took place during the Vietnam war. The intertwining twists and turns in the plot enhanced the already interesting story, keeping you wondering, guessing and yes, even  worrying, about what would happen next. My predictions were certainly not correct! The author did an excellent job of holding your attention compelling the reader to continue reading to the END of the book, in order to figure out all of the answers to questions that arise during the reading. The BEST part is, that this first book in the series, "Plain City Peace", although having a satisfying ending, leaves you wanting more!! Yes, I can hardly wait for Book Two!!  I still have questions! Hope that Stephanie read answers some of them in the next in the series.

The characters, all clearly described, had unique and sometimes slightly quirky personalities. They were easy to identify with, and realistic in their actions. When I have felt the emotions of at least one of the characters in a story, then, I know that it is a GOOD book!! My emotions went from high to low in a few chapters. There was just the correct amount of tension, worry, frustration, to make these people true to life.We all have these in our worlds, whether Amish or not!! Just because they are the Plain People, doesn't mean they experience a totally peaceful life, with no worries or problems. Reality strikes this family in a very big way. 

There is a very definite message in this book. But, I will keep you guessing!! It is evident that we need God in our lives and Stephanie makes us see this in a most unusual way - at least not typical of the Amish genre.

 A five star book!!!

About the Author:Stephanie Reed lives on the outskirts of Plain City, Ohio, site of a once-thriving Amish community. She gleans ideas for her novels from signs glimpsed along the byways of Ohio, as she did for her previous books, "Across the Wide River" and "The Light Across the River."

Learn more at Stephanie's website:http://www.stephanielreed.com/

Purchase a copy here: http://ow.ly/ptivJ

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Short Story, by Vannetta Chapman! FREE!!!

"Christmas at Pebble Creek"
   By Vannetta Chapman

Don't miss out on reading this free short story. Free on Amazon for your e reader!

Fans are introduced to the same Amish  community that is the setting of the three full novels, written by Vannetta, "Promise for Miriam", " A Home for Lydia", and "A Wedding for Julia". The only complain that I had about this book , was that it was TOO short!! LOL!! I wanted to keep reading and reading and.......
This free ebook also includes some excellent recipes of Amish chicken and dumplings, green beans , as well as fresh bread. So not only a story, but a recipe book!!

Grace Miller, the main character , is a young Amish school teacher , who is about to close the schoolhouse for Christmas break, when a snowstorm strikes, and the cold winds blow through this Wisconsin community. She is so looking forward to helping her family prepare for this special season and celebration. Her excitement is certainly felt by the reader , as well as her dismay when her well thought out plans go awry!  
Grace has such talent as a young artist of the snowy landscape and plans to  give her fiance, Adam , a very special Christmas gift, a handmade crocheted blanket.Everything seems to be fitting together to have a well planned event. 

Then, comes the shocker! Grief suddenly appears along with the celebration. The future becomes uncertain. Grace has to learn to accept the fact that God is in control, not man! He supplies our every need, and knows what they are, long before we even suspect them.

A great book!!! JUST WAY TOO SHORT!! 

A New Mennonite Mystery!!!

                                   By Nancy Mehl

Nancy has once again written a winning Mennonite mystery, Book 3 of the "Road to Kingdom"  series, following "Inescapable" and "Unbreakable".  

Callie Hoffman, the main character, becomes your best friend as you read this novel.  She has a good life in Kingdom, Kansas.  She is currently engaged to Levi, the new pastor of Kingdom Mennonite Church. Spending her days, working with Lizzie, her best friend, and soon to be sister in law, at the small town cafe, where everyone gathers to eat, share fellowship and yes, to gossip too!!   Nancy quickly catches your attention in her characters as they are realistically described - ordinary people with everyday problems!! I was able to picture the characters as I read of their trials and tribulations, their hurts, fears, as well as their times of joy! I felt their emotions as the story progressed, with just the right amount of mystery and intrigue. You begin to wonder if the characters are really who they are described to be- OR are they fooling all of us???

The plot is well developed with just enough twists and turns to keep you glued to the page, and on the edge of your chair.  A body is discovered on the road to Kingdom! The deceased turns out to be another victim of a serial killer. The new country sheriff begins to investigate all the residents of Kingdom, assuming the killer is one of this small community. Rumors begin and tales are told. You feel the fear of this group of people!! Who is the killer??? Which one of them has a secret life that has remained hidden??? Callie is desperate to find answers for herself, especially when her fiance appears to know more  about the murder than he is making public!   There are numerous details thrown in to mystify the reader. The suspense builds and keeps on building until the very last chapter.

The town battles an unforeseen danger, Callie's life is threatened. The stakes are higher than ever imagined. These people MUST put their faith in God, in order to survive. God, alone, has the answers!  This is a lesson that is applicable to all of us! He has a plan for us, but we must let him take over and put our trust in Him to be free and happy!!

A great read!! Ready for the next in the series.

This book was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Another Fantastic Read by One of My Favorite Authors, Vannetta Chapman!

An Amish Proposal for Christmas  By Vannetta Chapman Synopsis: Her deepest Christmas wish will bring more than she imagined…in this novel by...