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Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Take Your Best Shot"- a book review

"Take Your Best Shot"
By Austin Gutwein (with Todd Hillard)
The topic of this book immediately grabs your attention- the caring attitude of a nine year old boy makes a difference throughout the world!! When Austin was at this young age, he first saw a short video of a little girl, Maggie, who lived in Zambia, with her great grandmother- all of her other relatives had died of AIDS!! This short segment, done by World Vision, a nonprofit, nondenominational agency was appealing to the public to get help for these poor young victims of a tragic disease. Although I enjoyed the book, it was well written, I felt it is meant for a young adult audience more than anyone else. Austin is a wise young man who truly made a difference with his Shooting Hoops to earn money to send to World Vision to sponser a child- being far more successful than he had hoped or dreamed. He went on in his teen years to do more for this relief agency to assist those in such great need in Zambia. It would serve a purpose as a study book for a group of young people to spur them on to show how they can make a difference. For myself, it was a slow read, pleasant however not thrilling.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newest Review -"Plan B"

"Plan B"
By Pete Wilson
Have you ever felt like you have lost total control of your life?? You have done everything the "right" way, and still things are going wrong! That is what was happening in our family, when the book, "Plan B" arrived in the mail, for me to review. It came at the most appropriate moment! Pete Wilson reaches far beyond the so called typical response to give you encouragement and hope when you feel things have gotten the best of you.
Pete refers to real life Bible stores (David, Mary, etc) and applies his theories of how to move on beyond a crisis and attain the peace for which we all search.

His first sentence got my attention, "Do you remember the day you discovered your life wasn't going to turn out quite the way you thought?" . He uses the Bible stories, his own experience and those of others to explain how to get beyond your shattered dreams and turn to Plan B- it is not all about your control, it is about accepting what God has put in front of you and dealing with it in a positive manner.
He loves us in spite of the challenges He puts in front of us.
Pete has given us hope in his writings, using Bible verses and the personal experiences.
Plan B is certainly worth the read. It gave me what I needed the day I started reading it. It is thought provoking and makes "a whole lot of sense". He provides honest hope for all of us!!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kathy Fuller at her best, yet again!!

Fantastic Amish Fiction for Young Adults- and us oldies, too!!, May 16 2010
By Karla Hanns (Ontario, Canada)

A Summer Secret (Paperback)

Kathy Fuller has done it again!! She has written another wonderful Amish novel, "A Summer Secret" - BUT this time it is the beginning of a series, entitled "The Mysteries Of Middlefield" for young adults. This doesn't mean those of us who are a "few" years beyond that, don't enjoy it too!! The setting is in Amish country, in Middlefield, Ohio, as all of her adult Amish fiction books are, but this time she has "spread her wings"!! This mystery is for a younger audience. The main characters are thirteen year old Mary Beth, an Amish girl and her twin brother,Johnny as well as a "Yankee", Sawyer- a young runaway from the city. It seems as if poor Mary Beth is always enduring the boyish pranks and responsibility of caring for her brothers. She has found a secret peaceful place to get away from it all- in an abandoned barn nearby. Although Mami and Daed have forbidden her to go there- she needs her own space and disobeys. But, then the story becomes exciting- is this really her secret place???? This leads her to a mystery that could put her in grave danger!!! Should she tell her strict Amish parents or not??
The true Amish family life was evident in this story. The young people have normal problems and become involved in situations that are against their Christian values, somewhat. This story is a cliff hanger- what will these kids do to solve the mystery, as well as obey their parents?? The ending was quite different from what I was expecting-
a surprise which was a delight!! I can hardly wait for Book 2 to come out- AND I AM NOT the intended audience- but it is again, Amish fiction at its best!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Review- This Fine Life by Eva Marie Everson

Well, folk, this is my second book review!! "This Fine Life", by Eva Marie Everson was a good read. If you like southern style romances, this is the book for you. It is well written and the descriptions of life in different situations are vividly created. From a privileged life, to a challenging situation in a short period of time, the main character encounters many problems. This book describes her spiritual walk, from a non believer to faithful Christian. With a husband, who becomes a pastor in an isolated community, Mariette must decide- is she just going to quit and leave this life- her beloved husband OR struggle to become the person she knows she is meant to be. This is a tender, unique romance, exemplifying perserverence and forgiveness. Mariette becomes a very real person in your life as you read- an ordinary person who meets the challenge with success!!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Book Review- Walk Like you Have Somewhere to Go

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go
By Lucille O'Neal (with Allison Samuels)

I am so excited to post my first book review!! What an excellent book to start with!
Lucille describes her life as an ordinary person, with many challenges, that many of us have not faced and then living with an extremely opposite way of life as the mother of the famous basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal. She begins each chapter with a meaningful Bible verse- not only pertaining to the chapter, but one that you can use in your daily life and struggles.
Lucille's life story starts out with her as a frightened, single, teenaged mom and grows into a marvellous, confident woman of faith, with the great ability to help others in their own problem areas. Her understanding goes far beyond normal, as she has "lived the life"!
In her book, Lucille discusses her problem with physical size, place in society, poverty, then the challenge of dealing with a life changing experience. Her book concludes with a list of Bible verses that you can use to encourage yourself- God loves you in spite of your imperfections!! An excellent read!! Very much a self help book, as she states, "from mental welfare to mental health". WOW!!

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