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Friday, November 25, 2011

Review of a Fantastic Christian Romantic Mystery !

"Shadows From the Past"
     By Ashley Dawn 

If you wish to read a book that keeps you on the edge of your chair, this is definitely one you should read. Ashley has you engrossed with her elaborate plots full of twists and turns from the very beginning of it, right up to the last page. You never know what is going to happen next!! It is a true page turner in every way.   
The character development is outstanding. I felt every fear and threat that the main character, Aurora experienced. I worried as she is hunted down by a murderer!! Had to keep telling myself, "It is just a story!"  You live this story with Aurora!!

Aurora is a LAPD officer who cannot rest until she discovers her brother's killer. To do this, she must dig through the past , which brings back many dreadful memories, guilt and a HIT MAN! She feels that it was her fault that her brother was murdered.  To complicate matters, she now seems to be next on the hit man's list. She must beat the clock finding him , before he finds her. The mystery is: why does he want to do away with her???
Jordan, a FBI agent, loves Aurora with all his heart. She had refused his love after her brother's death, but he is now involved with her case and wants above all to save his sweetheart and renew their relationship. He is willing to give up his life to save her's.
Can God save both of them?  Can He answer prayers and give Aurora back her former faith and absolve her feeling of guilt??

This book is the best mystery thriller that I have read in a very long time. Ashley Dawn is to be commended for her fine writing skills.
By the way, don't try to go to sleep after reading part of the book!!
If you wish to read more about this author and her works go to Ashley's website : http://www.authorashleydawn.com/

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review of a Christmas Story that will touch your heart!!

Christmas Shoppe, The"The Christmas Shoppe"
    By Melody Carlson
This best selling author has done it again! Melody, the author of "Christmas at Harrington's", has again succeeded in  writing a touching Christmas tale, which makes you think- where has the real meaning of Christmas gone?   Her ability to draw you into the lives of the characters, some quirky, different, and others mean and nasty, is outstanding. 

The setting of the book is in the small town of Parrish Springs. It has the typical small town atmosphere and is described in great detail as a sleepy little place, where the stores are struggling to keep going in these times. Then upon the scene, enters a strange looking, odd acting character, Matilda.  She has managed to purchase a large , empty building in the core of the town, one which has been sought after by a wealthy major official , who takes her arrival in a very negative manner.  Mathilda has the town in a complete frenzy of wondering what on earth she is doing in this shop. Just to look at her, amazes the townspeople. Scraggly hair, jangly jewelry, strange clothing!  AND the store appears to be filled with junk!!

The story continues to tell how the other store owners start rumors and strive to get rid of this eye sore of a "shoppe".  However, to their surprise, they discover that Matilda has something there, that each one of them "needs"! BUT they do not know it!!

Melody uses delightful verses throughout the book- that Matilda displays in her stores that make you really think.  What is Christmas really about and what changes do all of us need to make?  
This is a quick to read Christmas story that we all should read and take a quick retake of how we live and celebrate the season.
An enjoyable book!!  

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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Christmas Book not to be missed!!

Remembering Christmas
    By Dan Walsh
Dan has continued to write in his unique, skilled storytelling style in this romantic fiction. He uses totally unexpected twists in his plot to keep your eyes glued to the page , while you become engrossed with his well described characters, who at times fill you with joy, other times worry and fears. These characters are so realistic, each in his/her own way, full of quirks. They continue to delight and surprise you throughout the story. Dan successfully creates a Christmas story like no other. It reminds you of everything good and perfect that Christmas is to be full of.  He is certainly successful of making the reader aware of why this time of year is so special!!

The main character, Rick, lives his own life on his own terms.He is an independent man who tends to work and play hard. When his mother calls, asking him to come home after his stepfather suffers an aneurysm, he is full of doubts and reluctance. He has never totally accepted this man, yet he is to help out in his time of need. Rick is not a sympathetic man , nor does he really want a life change.
What was supposed, he thought, to be a couple of days, helping at the family bookstore, turns into a long term job. Rick is expected to run the store as his stepfather did , catering to the type of  people to whom Rick has never been attracted- the elderly, the homeless, the poor.   One particular homeless man is a constant throughout the book- he is always there, looking for handouts and a kind word- Rick has to come to terms with a surprising and shocking fact, involving this individual.
The one bright spot is the young, pretty lady who works daily side by side with Rick, attempting to keep the shop going during this busy season, when everything else is going wrong.  Rick is forced to deal with deep hurts from the past and decisions that will affect not only his Christmas but the rest of his life.  Changes have to be made and they start within.

I am unable to tell more , as it would spoil the reading of this fabulous book. Your heart will be touched in this wonderful Christmas story, as we are reminded that change is NOT always bad and remembering pain can be a healing force.

Thank you , Dan for sharing your storytelling talent with us.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A new series by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Go to this link on UTube to see a book trailer - you will definitely want to read this new book , by Suzanne Woods Fisher, called "The Keeper" !

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Colleen Coble does it again!!

``Lonestar Angel``

By Colleen Coble
"Lonestar Angel" is the fourth book in a series of Colleen's Lonestar Novels.  It certainly lived up to my expectations of another great mystery. This book was full of drama and intrigue!! It kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next twist in the plot. Colleen has the great ability to keep you totally engrossed in the story, so much so, that you forget the world around you. You become part of the action!!

Her characters are so well described, you feel their fear and their pain. You also rejoice with them when the mystery is solved.  The suspense is felt intensely as the characters work their way through this dramatic and heartbreaking story.

The main characters, Eden and Clay, lost their baby five years ago to a kidnapper. This child was never found . Eden blamed herself so much so, that the marriage ended , as Clay immersed himself in his job to relieve the pain.    Now, Eden has moved to a new town, found faith and is rebuilding her life, even dating a man who plans to marry her someday. Out of the blue, who arrives on the scene, but Clay, who reveals that he has never given up finding their daughter. The shocking news is given that they are STILL married, and he believes he has found their missing child.
To uncover the truth and find Brianna, the now five year old child, Clay and Eden must move together to  Bluebird Ranch to act as counsellors.   Danger closes in, mysterious events occur, as they get closer to finding this child.  God guides them as they make discoveries and encounter life threatening situations. Eden's faith grows as never before to believe that God has a plan and she must follow it to have complete happiness.

What a wonderful romantic suspense series!!!

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