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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Marvellous Book of Romance- "Love, Charleston"

Book Review:  "Love, Charleston"
                             By Beth Webb Hart

Beth grabs your attention from the first chapter of her book and never fails to lose it!! She has written a beautiful story of compassion with an unerring eye to detail.
This is a story of a pastor who must leave his comfortable church to minister to those in an entirely different setting- upscale, higher class Charleston. He is a single father to one little girl who he adores. The bookd goes on to descibe his new duties and experiences. This is also a story of a family, with a marriage filled with challenges and scares- health, insecurity, family disagreements.
The main character, Lish, experiences a physical/mental disturbance that is frightening to her and all around her. Is suicide the answer? Is treatment the answer? You must read to find out. The book tells the story of  a family in crisis, poor Lish is totally confused and terrified by her physical symptoms.  Her marriage is disintegrating and she is unable to do anything about it. Her children's experiences in this sithuation are described in a detailed, empathetic way.
Meanwhile, the widower minister, finds a new love in his church community as he ministers to this needy family.
A well written book!! A true page turner!! Romance and intrigue are present throughout this creation.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Review- "The Summons to Become"

"The Summons to Become"- A Book Review
  By Rachel Chambers

The Summons to Become is a book written by a mother of 6 children, detailing her life as she and her family went through the many changes necessary when the decision was made to become missionaries in Africa.
This family story started as a normal autobiography, but then became very different, very quickly.  Rachel, a mom and wife, tells her story and her family's journey as they venture miles away to a strange country with different customs and totally different lifestyle. All this done to share and witness their faith in the Lord with those who otherwise may never become aware of the choices they have.
It is an easy read and keeps you interested throughout- with the humor, as well as the trials and tribulations in a very different culture. Raising children in an environment, such as Africa , encountering numerous problems, we would never have in North America was described in a fun, interesting tone.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and happened upon it completely by accident- sitting in a Bed and Breakfast in Ohio, talking about reviewing books, then discovering that a table mate, was an author who had just published this book. It was a pleasure to read this for Rachel and I give it a five star review.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Privilege to Review this book!! "Amish Proverbs"

Another Review
"Amish Proverbs- Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life"
By Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is one of the best little books I have ever had in my possession!!
Suzanne has outdone herself with this gift book of Amish Proverbs- priceless, amusing at times and very meaningful!!
When asked to choose a favourite proverb, I was extremely disturbed! ONLY one????? I love them all, BUT one stands out and is particularly meaningful to me-
"When you get to your wit's end, you'll find God lives there."
Suzanne used this proverb in her book, "The Choice" and it struck me then how true this is.
I was also asked to post a family saying used often in my life.
This one is "Each day comes bearing its own gifts, but you have to untie the ribbons."

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Excellent Thriller to Read : "The Constantine Conspiracy"

A Great Book of Intrigue and the Power of Truth

Book Review- The Constantine Conspiracy
                            By Gary A. Parker

This book begins in Rome in AD313 and you wonder to where on earth this story is going lead!!  I thought that this was going to be a long, boring read!! Boy, was I wrong!!  The entire book was full of suspense and international intrigue, conspiracy and the power of truth.
An international playboy, Rick Carson stumbles upon a murder in his own Montana home- that of his father!  He does not expect to be the main suspect ,but it appears that that is just what he is.  He also does not expect to be caught in the middle of a 1700 year old conspiracy with connections to the very highest level of the government.
Another character enters the scene- Shannon Bridge- who is the first responder to the emergency call- showing up as a law enforcement agent....  but is she really who she says she is???? That is everyone's question, including Rick's and the reader!!Why is she so ready to help Rick elude the law if she is legitimate?
These questions remain throughout the book, keeping you in constant suspense. The author is extremely successful in connecting many ideas and time eras, all the while, keeping the reader fully engaged in the mystery- which turns into many mysteries. 
I would highly  recommend this book to those who love intrigue and complicated plots. Well done!!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

An Excellent Example of Suspense Writing

Book Review
Steven James Launch Party!

"The Bishop"
by Steven James

This book was one of the best suspense thrillers that I have read for a long while.  I am not a great fan of this genre, so did not know what I would encounter when reading it.  I do question the fact that it is classed as Christian Fiction, as I did not find any reference to the faith that I feel it should have portrayed to be put in that category. That put aside, it was a fantastic read and I enjoyed it from beginning to end.  The first chapter grabs your attention and keeps it!!

FBI agent, Patrick Bower, has cutting edge skills and in this book push him to the limit when a young woman's body is discovered brutally murdered in Washington DC.  Her killers continues his spree of murders  which tend to be the perfect crimes- it seems no mistakes are made to leave clues behind to aid solving the crimes. As nothing seems to link the crimes, FBI Agent Bower faces the most difficult case yet- finding an answer to these murders is his quest. You can live this situation with him as the scenes are vividly described. Bower's personal life is crumbling around him, but he persists!  He must find the answer at all costs and he does!!

The adrenilene flowed in my veins as I read this thriller, always wanting to  know what was going to happen next-  no predictable events in this book!!   The author definitely engaged you actively in the crimes and emotions -  his and others in the story.  Well done. I highly recommend this to other readers- even those who don't like thrillers, may get "hooked".  OH, and I love the connection to the Bishop in the chess set.  What a unique idea!! Creativity flows in this author!! Now, I want to read the other books in his series!!

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A Great Read- "Angel Song"

Book Review:
"Angel Song"
By Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman

This book was one fantastic read!!  Kept me captivated from start to finish!!
Sheila and Kathryn have captured the true feeling of what life should be all about throughout their story.

Anne Fletcher has returned to her hometown of Charleston to celebrate her sister, Sarah's success in obtaining her master's degree. But instead of rejoicing with her, finds herself in the back of an ambulance, watching as Sarah clings and fights for life.  As they race to the hospital, Sarah talks to someone who Anne cannot see and hums a melody never before heard by Anne.
That melody stays with Anne- in the hospital chapel, then in her dreams and again in Sarah's house. Two of Sarah's neighbors have a profound effect on Anne- a young man who lends a shoulder to lean on (gets Sarah's house ready to sell) and a next door neighbor whose 12 year old Down's Syndrome child also can hear those songs and see the angels, that Anne believes Sarah also could see. He insists that these angels are looking out for Anne in ways she never imagined.
This is an excellent example of the development of faith-God reveals Himself to Anne through her new friends and supernatural events.  Anne meets many challenges along the way but finally accepts God's healing love.
This book touches the inner part of your soul as you make the journey with Anne and feel her struggles. The involvement with a mentally challenged child who has a clear understanding of faith  just gives you such a challenge!! It is so simple yet we often find it so hard to believe!!
A book well worth reading. A "hard to put down" book!

Another Fantastic Read by One of My Favorite Authors, Vannetta Chapman!

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