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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review of a Historical Fiction:" The Midwives"

Lady in the Mist
By Laurie Alice Eakes
 As I have previously mentioned, historical fictions are not my favourite books to read, thus I picked up this book, looked at all 400 pages and groaned, however there were some things in this book that I did enjoy. The book started out on a very interesting note- with a midwife being blamed unfairly for the death of a mother and her premature infant.  The midwife, Tabitha, who is the main character in the book, appears to be a very innocent person bearing the brunt of a grieving/ angry husband who is obviously hiding some details that clearly caused the deaths- nothing to do with the midwife's  part in the delivery process.
I found the themes, twists and turns in this book very difficult to follow. They did not keep my attention focused as I felt they should have, to truly enjoy this story. Perhaps, others' opinions would differ, because, as I said, it was just not "my kind of book" , so I don't want to judge it unfairly.
Tabitha, as a midwife in these times, is the keeper of many secrets. Some are revealed throughout the story while others are not.  Dominick is another main character who has his own secrets to keep , mainly that he is a British aristocrat working on American soils as an indentured servant.
The  book details much of the political feelings at the time when the relations between England and America are edgy. Dominick and Tabitha cross paths , leading them on a journey that is full of intrigue, public disgrace and love- I, myself, did not find these to be keeping me completely engrossed, as I would lose track of what the current situation was and who was involved. The world seems against them finding true love.
I did enjoy the  theme of midwives and their importance and involvement in society . They become heroines in the  situations in which they become part of. I had not realize before reading this novel of the secrets that were very much a part of their lives.
Soooo...... historical romantic lovers, this may be the book for you. I must say, it was not my favourite book, however, the author, Laurie Alice Eakes, certainly possesses a talent of describing her characters and having a very involved plot.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Inspirational, Hopeful Message Very Present in This Novel

                  The Deepest Waters
                          By Dan Walsh
I must admit, I am not a huge fan of historical fiction, so when I picked up this book, I wondered how I would write a positive review. I then recalled, that a while back , I had reviewed "The Homecoming" by Dan , and was shocked by my extreme pleasure in reviewing it at that time!!
Well, Dan outdid himself again. He writes with compassion, feeling and intense emotion. His characters are very real and you become totally engrossed in their challenges and problems.  He has the ability to draw you right into the story. You actually LIVE their lives!
The main characters, John and Laura Foster begin their fairytale honeymoon aboard a steamship in 1857.  Unfortunately, this soon becomes a nightmare instead of a dream. A hurricane strikes and the great ship is lost at sea. Many women and children are rescued, however most of the men have gone down with the ship. Laura struggles with her grief, which feels very real to you , as you read her challenges which seem insurmontable.  She is despondant- her joy with her groom has gone down with the ship. Facing the possiblility of life alone is almost unbearable. You feel the emotions of all the females and children as they arrive on a new land without the joy they had  planned.
Dan completely immerses you in his story.  I was pleasantly surprised at the ability of a male to writer  such  exceptional romantic fiction.
Am unable to tell you more without spoiling the reading of this book, but I highly recommend it. Even if you are reluctant to read historical fiction as I was, please try it. I promise it is worth the read!!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Amish Fiction at Its Best by a Favorite Author- ONE OF THE BEST!!

Plain Proposal
By Beth Wiseman
Now, I must admit, when I pick up a Beth Wiseman novel, I already have preconceived ideas. I know I am going to LOVE it and I know I am going to say that it is the best I have ever read- because- that is exactly what I always do!!   Her Amish Fiction is the best I have every read and she surprises me in every book with her themes and twists and turns. I can NEVER predict the ending, however hard I may try. Beth's characters always become part of my family and I feel their pain, hurts, confusion, etc. with them all. Humor is often  included in the novel, but  tears flow always when reading her books. Beth writes with true feeling, faith and emotion. The real Beth shines through. And that is what makes her an exceptional author.

Her newest book, Plain Proposal is the fifth in her Daughters of the Promise Series.   The main character, Miriam secretly promises herself that she will follow Saul, the love of her life wherever he goes and in whatever he does, never thinking that it could take her away from the only life she has ever known.
Miriam could have any man she wishes in her Amish Community. Every eligible bachelor would be happy to have her, however her heart belongs to Saul and always has. Rumors float that he may leave the Amish to pursue a lifelong dream of his own- Miriam vows to follow him there too, although he is reluctant to have her leave her family , church and friends.

Saul has experienced much loss in his life and has cared for his grieving  father for years, as well as his two young siblings. His father has had a secret for years and if Saul leaves, it will be discovered. What will happen to his brothers.?  You feel the pull  and emotions that are present in his heart..

As Miriam and Saul consider leaving their current lives behind, God does His work- He makes Miriam think of what it truly means to be a Daughter of the Promise. This love story is exceptional with its surprising ending. But , I must say no more. Read it and find out!!

You will end the book by waiting for Beth to write another book- either in this series or her new Colorado series. WOW!! LOVED THIS BOOK!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Watcher
By Sara Davison
This novel was extremely unique and may have been one that I would not have chosen to read, had I not been asked to review it. HOWEVER, am I glad I did read it!! It was a definite mysterious page turner and I had a difficult time putting it down, once I got involved in this complicated plot.
There is a character/ spirit in the background in this whole novel- sometimes I thought it evil, sometimes heavenly- kept changing my mind. Sara has the unique ability to have this creature speak / give opinions at points of mystery and intrigue.
The main character, Kathryn knows the moment she sees Nick that there is something between them. However, he is too close to something very evil that happened in her past, changing her life forever and she feels she must not get involved with him- however, twenty years later, when he appears at her door, she realizes that perhaps she should move on with her life.
Over the next few days,  Kathryn goes throught he contents of an old shoebox, reliving and letting go of memories which have kept her, along with her daughter , Lexi, captive for far too long.
Another character, who is important to this story is David, who has also kept a secret for years and painfully feels he must confess to his wife and others. His fragile peace is interrupted as he recalls the events of THE NIGHT. He may lose everything he has fought for if he confesses his part.
A fourth character, that all have struggled with is Kevin, who has been in prison for twenty years for a dreadful act- but the disaster occurs- he escapes, while on death row!!He wants to come back and start what he finished those many years ago.
Throughout all of this, there is someone or something watching  the approaching danger!
This is a definite thriller, which all mystery lovers should read. All I can say is WOW- I never knew what would be around the corner!! Great book, Sara!
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Saturday, April 9, 2011


View TGoyer he...JPG in slide showView beside-st...jpg in slide show             Beside Still Waters
                               By Tricia Goyer

Tricia has succeeded in writing a wonderful Amish story which stems from the whole feeling and meaning of the Amish faith. She uses a Bible verse on her first  page, which certainly makes one think.  "Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" , Romans12:2.  This indeed portrays the Amish faith and tradition and really  strengthens your desire to  read this book and feel the commitment of these dear people.
The main character, Marianna Sommer , 18 years old, was raised among the Amish of Indiana. Her plan is to be baptized into her church and marry her love, Aaron Zook.  It is her great desire to set up her household and raise her family in the only community in which she has ever lived. Unfortunately for Marianna, her older brother  decides to choose the world's ways after his rumschpringe and a younger sibling also begins to  have the same desire.  To her dismay, her parents decide to move to Montana to avoid losing another child to the Englishers. These parents care deeply and wish to keep their family in the Amish faith. To Marianna, this spells disaster, as she has to move away from the love of her life and her world will change.
Although, Marianna is in HER rumschpringe years and not obligated to obey her parents, she does decide to move to help her mother who is expecting a new baby and will need her help. This, in itself, shows the deep commitment to family, around which the Amish faith has. Tricia does a magnificent job of  getting you involved with her characters that you feel Marianna's struggle and pain. You become part of the family and I felt so strongly that I wanted to help this young lady in her time of need!!
During the trip, from strangers, she develops an even greater desire kind of joy and love for the Lord.
In time, this wonderful young person learns that the move to Indiana was not really about losing anything but was all about finding out who God really is and the importance of a relationship. She finds a marvellous peace in her soul, "like still waters", despite all the shake ups.
As much as I would love to tell you more and my favorite parts, I must not give spoilers to this book. It is one that would be beneficial for ALL to read , from start to finish.
Tricia Goyer is an up and coming author with a great ability to make you FEEL!   Emotions are rushing here, there and everywhere , as her story has twists and turns. Just when you have it all figured out, another complication arises. Thank you Tricia, for making me think!!  Keep writing!!
This book was supplied by LitFuse in exchange for a review. GLAD IT WAS :)
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To celebrate the release of the first book in the Big Sky Amish series Tricia is giving away 10 copies of Beside Still Waters and a pair of super cute antique Amish salt & pepper shakers.

Details at Tricia’s blog, It’s Real Life: http://triciagoyer.blogspot.com/2011/04/beside-still-waters-giveaway.html

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Movie Synopsis
SOUL SURFER is the inspiring true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcame all odds to become a champion again, inspiring millions worldwide through the love of her family, her sheer determination, and her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. The film features an all-star cast, including AnnaSophia Robb and Helen Hunt, with Carrie Underwood in her film debut, and Dennis Quaid.
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Another Fabulous Amish Novel by Kelly Long

Lilly's Wedding Quilt
By Kelly Long
Kelly definitely outdid herself in her newest Amish Fiction novel!! What a fantastic read!!  This is one book you do not want to put down, until you are finished. Lost some sleep over this one!!
Jacob, handsome and headstrong, offers Lilly his hand in marriage, however his heart really belongs to someone else. What a dilemma!! He and Lilly become so much a part of you, that you live their challenges and heartache with them. These characters are so lifelike, you hurt with them and rejoice with them at other times.  While Lilly has loved Jacob for years, she refused to let herself compete with Sarah King, the woman Jacob was determined to marry. To the reader's surprise, Sarah marries another man! Jacob then spontaneously agrees to marry Lilly.
Lilly, a lovely lady, in every way, has been dividing her time between teaching the local Amish children and caring for her widowed mother who suffers from rather severe depression. You can actually feel Lilly's sense of responsibility and her desire to be the sole object  of Jacob's affection.  She takes a very long time deciding how to protect her heart, but God is at work and slowly awakens the hearts of these two dear Amish people.
Lilly does NOT even think of her Amish wedding quilt , traditional gift for all young ladies getting ready to wed. The surprise for her is who is  making one for her!! I will go no further as it would be a spoiler.
Jacob and Lilly's marriage binds them together in a way totally unexpected by both of them- as well as the reader.
 This novel teaches you so much about Amish life and the differences between the sects in different areas and rules of different Bishops.
Thank you Kelly, for giving me a clearer understanding of the way of life of the Amish . What a great book!!
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Another Fantastic Read by One of My Favorite Authors, Vannetta Chapman!

An Amish Proposal for Christmas  By Vannetta Chapman Synopsis: Her deepest Christmas wish will bring more than she imagined…in this novel by...