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Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Review of a Favorite Author- Kathleen Fuller's new book- "Treasuring Emma"

Treasuring Emma
By Kathleen Fuller
Kathy Fuller is one special lady and author. After reading some of her books, and meeting her last summer, I knew she was one author, sincere and faithful in her beliefs. I already loved her books and knew ,after spending time with her, she would always write my favorite kind of books- filled with excitement, some humor,  challenges and most importantly the deep faith of the Amish people.
Treasuring Emma is a priceless  book- Kathy has written the best of all her books so far, of course, I always say that about my favorite author's newest book!! LOL!
Her main character, Emma, always puts the needs of others ahead of her own.  But she encounters a challenge- here heart is torn and she has to make a huge decision. Which is the best for her?? WOW!! What a problem!! I had enough of a problem deciding on one!!
Adam, who was Emma's first love,  left her hometown of Middlefield , wanting to experience the Yankee world. This devastated Emma- however, he returns, only to break her heart again- this time , with making important decisions , which will affect the rest of her life. 
Emma has been caring for her mother, meeting those challenges, as well as dealing with a difficult sister who seem to think  every thing she does is not enough. Financial stress is apparent. 
When a stranger comes to town, Emma has to decide- who is the one that REALLY cares and will be her permanent helpmate!! 
Kathy has the ability to draw you into her characters and feel their pain and indecision. You feel their joys, challenges and their happiness , when they make the right decision.
I absolutely LOVED this book. The plot had enough twists and turns to keep me interested and I had a strong feeling for the characters. They became part of me as I  became involved in their lives.
Highly recommended for ALL Amish fiction lovers- and if you have never tried to read one- this is ideal to start with!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review of Women of Justice- Book 3 FABULOUS!!

A Killer Among Us
By Lynette Eason
Killer Among Us, A: A NovelThis is Book 3 of the Women of Justice  Series and was certainly no disappointment. It lived up to the other 2 and was just as good , if not better. Lynette does a superior job of writing a novel of suspense, including just the right amount of romance. This book is filled with non stop action that keeps you wide awake till late at night , as you can not possibly put this book down until you know what happens next- and that is beyond all your guessing.  Her characters, Kit Kenyon , a knowledgeable and first rate negotiator, as well as Noah Lambert, a detective with outstanding instincts, just keep you on your toes throughout the story, as the plot line progresses. Nail biting, during certain scenes is not surprising!!
There are numerous twists and turns of the plot that keeps you guessing. A first rate thriller, in my opinion.  

The two main characters barely have time to get to know each other before they are plunged into  a grisly murder case. This book is NOT for the weak hearted!!  Evidence mounts as more and more victims are discovered.  Kit and Noah eventually realize there is a serial killer on the loose, and attempt to predict his/her next move- coming to the conclusion that one on them is being hunted down.

This is a thriller that you have to read quickly to find out what happens next, then you have to backcheck the details!!    A Killer Among Us is a hit with all lovers of mysteries and thrillers- the chills actually run down your back as the book progresses!! What great suspense. A DEFINITE "MUST"  for all who like a good scare!!
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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Second Chance on Your First Love!!

A Review of another great book by Eva Marie Everson:
"Chasing Sunsets"
After reviewing another book by this same author, "This Fine Life", I thought that Eva Marie would not be able to match it. Well, I was wrong!! Glad to admit it! She again shows her ability to hold your attention throughout the book by involving you in her characters' lives and her twisting plots.
The main character in this book, Kimberly Tucker has had a tough life. Nothing has turned out as expected- Her marriage has been destroyed, her sons, who are the centre of her life , are being taken away for longer than expected by their dad and she is left alone- with her fears.Her ex is living it up while she struggles to just exist.

The solution, suggested by a very wise individual, her dad, is to go to the old family summer home at Cedar Key- although that in itself is a challenge- as it brings back memories that she has buried deep within her- memories of her beloved mother, who has passed on years ago.

Eva describes the setting of this summer refuge in such detail, you can feel the gentle breezes,  see the sandy beaches and exotic sunsets. Here, Kim finds her second chance at love. Her first love appears and despite challenges , is successful at winning back his beloved first girlfriend.
This novel examines the depth of family love, and is a hopeful story of second chances- how they CAN be the right decisions- even when you fight them.
A love story that turns out the way it should!! That is the only way to describe Chasing Sunsets, it gives us all hope for the future and a chance to repair mistakes and forgive.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Read A Great Historical Romance By a New Author

View SFS Richm...jpg in slide showReview of a fantastic new book:
Spring for Susannah
By Catherine Richmond

This book was a great book full of historical facts and well developed
characters, particularly, the main character, Susannah.  Catherine has a real talent for showing the transformation of a young, timid woman who had lost both parents and was feeling very unworthy into an  independent  pioneer who deals with the world with great strength. You could feel her struggles and hardships along the way.
 After the death of her parents, Susannah finds that no suitors call, thus she comes to the conclusion that the only solution is to become a mailorder bride. Not a solution many of us would have the courage to choose!  She agrees to marry her pastor's brother and got to the wild frontier of Dakota. What challenges she meets there!! NONE that I would want to have to live with. Catherine describes the setting with such vivid detail that you feel that you can actually see it.  
Although her new husband is kind and patient, Susannah is frightened of this new experience. When she miscarries her firstborn,  her faith falters- both in herself and God.
Spring brings the redemption that Susannah needs to revitalize  and look to the future in a positive way.  She would never have  dreamt or predicted what the future holds for her, during her dark moments.
Catharine has done her historical research well and is very accurate in her descriptions of happenings in Dakota in her timeframe.
Well done- looking forward to reading more by this first time author.
This book was received  from Litfuse in exchange for a review.

About Catherine: Catherine Richmond was focused on her career as an occupational therapist till a special song planted a story idea in her mind. That idea would ultimately become Spring for Susannah, her first novel. She is also a founder and moderator of Nebraska Novelist critique group and lives in Nebraska with her husband.

For more about Catherine, please visit www.catherinerichmond.com.  

To celebrate her debut novel, Catherine and her publisher, Thomas Nelson, have teamed up to give away a Spring For Susannah Prize Package worth over $150!

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Spring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond (for KINDLE)To celebrate her debut novel, Catherine and her publisher, Thomas Nelson, have teamed up to give away a Spring For Susannah Prize Package worth over $150!

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Blog tour schedule: http://litfusegroup.com/blogtours/text/13347248)  Read to see what others think of this great book.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Marvellous Read- Humorous, but Serious, at the Same Time!!

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Book Review
"My Foolish Heart"
by Susan May Warren
This book was a totally unexpectedly good read!! When I read the synopsis, I thought to myself that perhaps it was not "my kind of book". Boy, was I wrong!! Pure enjoyment- laughter and tears - all  erupted due to the unexpected events in this novel. Susan has an exceptional talent of being able to immerse you into her story, characters and their problems. Her detailed description of them at time causes fits of giggles, at other times, a desire to shed tears for them.
The main character, Isadora Presley, is the star host of a radio show entitled, "My Foolish Heart". From her home studio , she gives advice to the lovelorn, however she herself , has never had a date. Due to an accident,  took the life of her mother, she has lived a life of panic, trapped inside her home, fearful to leave the only safety, she believes she has. She constantly reminds listeners that their love could be in the house next door, but refuses to believe it could happen to her!! AHA! Surprise, it can and it does!! But not without its challenges. 
Caleb Knight, her new neighbor , is persistent, to the point of being annoying to attempt to free her  of her shackles! Little do they both realize, this is going to turn into a romantic adventure.
The wit used by Susan is outstanding. Her true spirit-filled style just abounds throughout this sweet story. It is truly a hopeful, healing adventure for both of the characters, that you feel yourself as you travel the path with them.
Well done!! Highly recommended for relaxing reading beside the pool in the heat of summer.
Book provided by LitFuse in exchange for this review.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: An Unbelievable True Story

"Heaven is for Real"
By Toddy Burpo with Lynn Vincent
This story is totally unbelievable , but just has to be true!! I was amazed at the details and truth packed into this small paperback book!!
The title says it all!!  A little boy, at the tender age of almost four, experiences  heaven , as we have never heard it described before. Colton has a very difficult to diagnose health problem that his parents fight to have taken care of.  It should NOT have been hard to figure out , with all his symptoms, but I do believe all the events that happened in this little boy's life, occurred for a purpose. Colton undergoes an emergency appendectomy and  his parents rejoice with his miraculous survival, as he is in very rough shape, and encounters every imaginable complication.
The miracle of the whole story is that Colton, when he recovers, begins to tell a story, that is both beautiful and almost unbelievable, detailing his trip to heaven and back. Colton tells of leaving his body for a time and accurately describes what they are doing at that exact moment- although he could not possibly know without divine intervention. Throughout the book, this young boy relates stories told to him by people he met in heaven , who had died long before he was born, sharing those events that occurred before his birth. He completely astonishes everyone with his matter of fact attitude of sitting on Jesus  knee, how really, really big God is, the angels and how much God loves us. It has been a long time since a book has made me think this much of what heaven is really like!!  In Colton's words, "In heaven, no one is old, sick  or wears glasses."  

Colton portrays, with his descriptions, things that appear in the Bible, however , this child can not yet read, so would not know these things. They are far beyond a little one's comprehension.
I do believe everyone should read this book!! It changes the way you think of eternity ,and the chance to believe like a child. You WILL see your loved ones again. As the Bible states, "A little child shall lead them" and this is what it is all about. All I can say about this book is WOW!!
It is a great example to all of us about faith and belief.
This book was provided for review by Graf- Martin Communications, Inc. published by Thomas Nelson, now available at your favourite book sellers.

Another Fantastic Read by One of My Favorite Authors, Vannetta Chapman!

An Amish Proposal for Christmas  By Vannetta Chapman Synopsis: Her deepest Christmas wish will bring more than she imagined…in this novel by...