Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Great Historical Fiction

Most Unsuitable Match, A"A Most Unsuitable Match"
By Stephanie Grace Whitson
I have always stated that my least favourite  genre is historical fiction!! AND what do I choose to review- just that!! But , you know, the more you read it, the more you like it- or in my case LOVE it!! You need to find the right authors and the right subjects and I have done just that.

Stephanie has done a fabulous job of involving you in this story. As the plot thickened, I became one with the characters. There were so many twists and turns that there was always a shock or wave of surprise at the next event. What a great talent, Stephanie has to be able to so engross you in her story, that you "forget",  to get supper or go to bed at night!!

The main character, Fannie is a young lady of privilege. When her mother dies and she is left alone, she discovers that there are some secrets that have been hidden away for many, many years and she finds herself traveling west to uncover the truth behind a  very important family secret.  Fannie is quite a determined young lady, although starting out quite innocent, discovers that she has the strength, with God's help, to  meet the challenges that she encounters, and there are many!!!

Meeting Samuel Beck on the steamship , during her journey to Montana, throws a complete surprise into the bucket!! He is on a mission to atone for his past failures, that still haunt him. Their meeting sparks a very unlikely attraction.  Opposites in every way, except..... they cannot stop thinking of each other!!

The journey ends and the attraction continues, although many obstacles and complications occur. And these are NO minor challenges!! I must not say more, to avoid giving away spoilers.

Will Samuel and Fannie  end the relationship with the journey or will it become just the beginning?  You MUST read to find out!! Just be ready for a page turner!! And GREAT surprises in the plot!
Well done , Stephanie! Loved this book!!!!

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