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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A very different review: A Study Guide and DVD

"Stuck" Study - the places we get stuck and the God who sets us free!
                           By Jennie Allen
  This review is on one chapter of the book and the DVD that accompanies the book. 
WHAT a marvellous study guide this is- meant for women of all ages and all walks of life!!
It would be a great group study, where women could discuss their views and feelings. The guide includes a section in which you write your feelings about each topic. You are provided with a Bible study and then examine your feelings with regard to it. The DVD has more to examine of each chapter and I will be honest with you, it really makes you think- with the author explaining more and the lovely graphics that hit you - in a meaningful way.

I was provided with the chapter entitled, "Mad" and it was most appropriate for me this week !! I was mad!! My daughter , who is a fourth year university student in nursing, was denied the right to complete her clinicals, due to a boyfriend situation , who ended in a legal battle. My daughter was declared innocent but not in time to get her clinical placement. Boy, was I mad!! How unfair!! The guilty walk free, and my child suffers!!!  I was furious, with the legal system, the university, the lawyer, etc. Then, I read this chapter, and watched this DVD. You know, I was wrong!! Yes, wrong. I have the right to be angry, but will it do any good? NO!!  God has to remove that feeling. He has the power to solve our problems and we don't need to get upset.  I have prayed about the matter, done the work provided in the book and watched the video and guess what??? I no longer feel angry, worried maybe, but that too, can be answered with faith in God's power.  Our problems can be taken care of  with prayer. As women, we feel things differently from our husbands, thus must handle them in our own way with God's help.
This book and DVD are a valuable resource and could be used alone, but I can see it being used with a woman's group, the discussion would be fantastic as you share what God has worked in your life.
I commend Jennie Allen, the author , on addressing issues that plague us, but are often not spoken of. We are embarrassed that we have these feelings. After all, we are Christians, aren't we?? Should we feel this way? YES!! But we need to deal with them, as the author explains. A fantastic tool to work with!! 
WOW , did it help me! Thanks, Jennie.
"Samplers of the Book and DVD have been provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. DVD-Based Study available October 2011 at your favourite bookseller from Thomas Nelson".  

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