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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Christmas Book not to be missed!!

Remembering Christmas
    By Dan Walsh
Dan has continued to write in his unique, skilled storytelling style in this romantic fiction. He uses totally unexpected twists in his plot to keep your eyes glued to the page , while you become engrossed with his well described characters, who at times fill you with joy, other times worry and fears. These characters are so realistic, each in his/her own way, full of quirks. They continue to delight and surprise you throughout the story. Dan successfully creates a Christmas story like no other. It reminds you of everything good and perfect that Christmas is to be full of.  He is certainly successful of making the reader aware of why this time of year is so special!!

The main character, Rick, lives his own life on his own terms.He is an independent man who tends to work and play hard. When his mother calls, asking him to come home after his stepfather suffers an aneurysm, he is full of doubts and reluctance. He has never totally accepted this man, yet he is to help out in his time of need. Rick is not a sympathetic man , nor does he really want a life change.
What was supposed, he thought, to be a couple of days, helping at the family bookstore, turns into a long term job. Rick is expected to run the store as his stepfather did , catering to the type of  people to whom Rick has never been attracted- the elderly, the homeless, the poor.   One particular homeless man is a constant throughout the book- he is always there, looking for handouts and a kind word- Rick has to come to terms with a surprising and shocking fact, involving this individual.
The one bright spot is the young, pretty lady who works daily side by side with Rick, attempting to keep the shop going during this busy season, when everything else is going wrong.  Rick is forced to deal with deep hurts from the past and decisions that will affect not only his Christmas but the rest of his life.  Changes have to be made and they start within.

I am unable to tell more , as it would spoil the reading of this fabulous book. Your heart will be touched in this wonderful Christmas story, as we are reminded that change is NOT always bad and remembering pain can be a healing force.

Thank you , Dan for sharing your storytelling talent with us.

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