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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Fun Book with a Wedding Theme

"Picture Perfect"
By Janice Thompson

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If you are looking for a light romance, with quirky characters and lots of humorous situations, then this is the book for you.  It is an easy read, quite predictable, and enjoyable if you want to pick it up for the purpose of relaxing. You don't need to think about an intense plot, just read for pleasure.  I must admit that it is not my usual type of book and I found myself looking for deeper meanings and twists and turns in the plot that just were not there. But, I came to the conclusion, this author writes for another purpose. Her readers and followers would say this is Janice's usual style. She writes to put humour in situations that are normally tense  and typical of what life brings.  She offers an inside look at wedding planning and businesses used when preparing for the big day.    Anyone who is currently planning that special time in their life, would find this story to be useful in relieving the worrisome situations that can occur, as Janice brings humour to all !

The main character, Hannah is  a successful photographer. She will soon be featured in a Texas Bride magazine, thus, is very serious about her celebrity client for whom she has been hired. This will be her ticket to the top spot on wedding coordinator Bella Neeley's list of recommended photographers.  BUT , it could all come crashing down in a huge failure, because of one man, a fantastic competitor, Drew Kincaid.

The competition heats up! But to Hannah's surprise, it is not only the business aspect that is getting intense.  One handsome man, one single girl- both photographers!! What will you get??? A romance in the making!! The only thing in the way, is that if she lets herself get involved, will she lose her important contract as the photographer of the famous wedding that could make or break her business????   Should she succomb to the picture perfect love, or should she follow her dream of being a top photographer??

You must read this book to find out!!

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