Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Book with Romance and Intrigue Ending With the Happily Ever After

"Trouble In Store"
    By Carol Cox                       
A governess, Melanie Ross , has recently been fired from her position and is forced to give in to her last resort! One that she has NEVER desired. The Arizona mercantile that she inherited from her cousin, is about to become, she thinks, the answer to her problems.  However, Caleb Nelson is sure, without a doubt, that HE inherited the mercantile and he is NOT about to let an ornery female with all her newfangled ideas disturb the success he has worked so hard to achieve. In hopes to turn Melanie's interests elsewhere, Caleb decides to turn her interests elsewhere- get her married off to one of the numerous bachelors in the town and take her off his hands.

The problem arises! Caleb soon realizes he doesn't want her to just marry anyone in her desperate state. He is drawn to her (VERY much against his will) more every day. He even has to admit that her new ideas for the store have unexpectedly positive results. 

The mystery then arises!! Someone doesn't want the mercantile to be successful. Threats have been made - the words have threatened destruction and danger! Will Melanie and Caleb's business- as well as beginning romance- survive the troubles that they meet along the way??

This book is a real page turner , with surprises in each chapter. There is just enough mystery , along with romance to keep the reader interested. AND the story ends in a happily ever after ending, after many challenges and problems.

The characters come alive in your mind, as you read. I could picture both Caleb and Melanie and at times, wanted to give them a good shake and some advice. They became my friends, as their problems became mine. The ability to identify with the characters happens to be one of my requirements in judging how good a book is, and this one definitely satisfies it well.

The plot, although not too intense, keeps you interested to the final page. It is a light read, with just enough intrigue to  produce a good story. It is well developed , with little twists and turns along the way. 

All in all, I found this a great read. A good book to take on a holiday!!

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