Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Fantastic Read by Ann H. Gabhart!

        "Orchard of Hope"
          By Ann H. Gabhart   
 I have had the privilege to review other books by this author and have always found her to be extremely talented in plot development and character description. However, this book has to be the BEST yet!!!  

The sentence on the back cover of the book describes it well: "The smoldering embers of unrest are stirring- and even Jocie's sweet spirit can't put them out."  Jocie, the main character, has had an eventful summer. BUT, she doesn't realize that things in her town have just started to heat up. This small town, in Kentucky, Hollyhill,  has had an extreme drought. Everyone in town is praying and dreaming of one thing- rain, looking for a fresh start and a positive look to the future. 
A new family moves to town, attempting to make a fresh start and a better life for themselves, by planting an orchard on the outskirts of town. Alex and Myra have already gone through many hardships, all due to only the colour of their skin. Jocie is the first to befriend the family and accepts them for their true value, never thinking about the colour of skin. The rest of the town is not so accepting!! There begins to be unrest in this little town, as they have never had before. Disturbing events begin to occur, with even more threats being made! Can Jocie help this family, as well as her town, to ignore physical appearances and see them for who they truly are???

I found this to be a gripping tale. Unable to put this book down until finished, I was on the edge of my seat. The plot has many twists and turns that are all connected in the main theme. I felt the fear, the cruelty, and the kindness , all visible in this story. The characters became very much a part of me.They were realistic and had so many problems, that many suffer , due only to the colour of their skin. It makes you really examine your beliefs and faith. How would God handle this situation?? Would He care about their colour? Can a young girl change the set thinking of the people of Hollyhill? Only God can truly change a person. The question is, will these folks listen to that quiet , still voice?

LOVED this book!! Definitely a five star book!! Don't miss reading this one!

About the Author :Living just thirty miles from a restored Shaker village in Kentucky,Ann Gabhart has walked the same paths that her characters might have walked in generations past. Her thorough research provides a convincing and colorful backdrop for her books.

Favorite Verse: John 21:25 - Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have enough room for the books that were written.
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