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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What could be better??? A Mystery that just happens to be Amish!!!!

"Murder Simply Brewed"

"An Amish Village Mystery"
   By Vannetta Chapman

There is nothing as exciting as going to the mailbox in the morning and finding a new book to read and review!! I was even more ecstatic to find the book was written  by one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction!! And ..... then, to find out that it is Book One of a brand new series!! Be still my heart!! 

Seriously, this is a fantastic blend of a cozy mystery, along with my genre of choice, books involving the Amish.  
Vannetta has managed to combine adventure, mystery as well as romance into a book that involves you in the tale from beginning to end. 

The setting is Middlebury, Indiana, a place inhabited by many Amish folks, who work alongside the Englischers. Amber Wright, a manager of a collection of Amish stores in a village like setting is optimistic about the success UNTIL a tragedy strikes the coffee shop, the busy place where people tend to gather for their first cup of coffee for the day. Amber is disturbed and confused when she suddenly receives a call that Ethan Gray has been discovered dead in his place of employment, "A Simple Blend". She hurries over to the shop and finds a solitary hole in the shop's window and the store manager lying by the espresso machine dead from an apparent heart attack. But why was a hole in the window????   Amber decides to hire a former employee of the quilt shop to take Ethan's place. It just happens to be the young Amish girl , Hannah, who found Ethan. Together these two ladies become amateur detectives. The police rule it an accidental death, a heart attack, but the two women are NOT convinced!

Clues just don't add up. Mysterious events occur around and in the village. A romance develops as the case becomes more complicated. Will these two women be right?

The characters appealed to me from the first chapter. They were typical Englischers and Amish , working together. Their description was so realistic and appealing that I immediately became part of the story. I was off to  help them solve a mystery!!  Hannah became my best friend. I wanted to give her advice, but wait..... this isn't real, it is fiction!!

The plot contained many twists and turns to keep one glued to the page, waiting eagerly to see what other complications would be thrown in. Delightful tale with just the perfect amount of suspense keeping the reader engrossed until the very last page. I must say, that my bedtime was rather late , I could NOT go to sleep until I finished this book! 

This is a five star book!! Has the makings of a real winner!

Can hardly wait for book two of this series!
Vannetta, keep writing and I WILL keep reading!! FANTABULOUS book!!

This book was received from Zondervan and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Thanks so much, Karla! So glad you enjoyed it! And yes, it's the first of a 3 book series! Stay tuned!


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