Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Great Amish Book!!

EForever Amish
By Kate Lloyd

 I LOVE to go to the mailbox and have a surprise waiting for me!! A book by a favorite author is the BEST !!!  Kate Lloyd has quickly earned that rank. My biggest disappointment was to read that "Forever Amish" is the last in her Lancaster trilogy !  I have enjoyed this Amish series so much, as Kate has used her talent to write an Amish tale with a different twist. Grabbed my attention immediately and I was hooked!!!

About the book: 

The latest book in the Legacy of Lancaster trilogy, Forever Amish introduces us to a young woman about to uncover a shocking secret and find an invitation to a new way of living. This is a story of forgiveness, legacies, and the ties that bind through generations.
It's the Last Thing She Expects to Find
Sally Bingham needs some time away to sort through the changes in her life and to rethink her upcoming marriage. Despite her ailing father's hesitations, she takes off for a bed and breakfast in Lancaster County for a weekend away. But her best-laid plans leave her in a near collision with a bishop's buggy and in the home of a mysterious Amish woman named Lizzie. Lizzie introduces her to a different perspective on life, a charming farmhand named Armin--- and opens a Pandora's box that will forever change Sally's life.

This book kept me glued to my chair!!! Kate writes with  the aim of keeping the reader captivated from beginning to end. The last page leaves you wanting more!! I wanted this series to go on forever. It begins with elements of mystery, leading into romance, secrets and ultimately, forgiveness. Nothing good can come from lying and hiding the past, as the characters learn in the story. In fact, secrets really do more harm than we often think. They change lives, sometimes to the good, if we allow God to work through them, or the result can be devastating. It all depends on how much we allow Him to work out His plan. 

The main characters are realistic and well described, in such a way, that their hurts, struggles and worries become your own. The main character, Sally, had an enormous struggle with her discovery of a hidden past, with abandonment, including her own sense of self worth.  She then has to  find a way to forgive and move on. Will she allow God to work through this devastating past??  A difficult task indeed!! Many of us could identify with that pain. Sally's friends and acquaintances may not be who she thought they were!! We have all experienced this problem, although perhaps not in such depth.

The plot was well developed and quick moving. It kept me guessing throughout the book, due to all of the twists and turns. Mystery, confusion and romance made this story alive with its action.

All in all, Kate has written another winner, in my opinion!! I would definitely recommend this book to all readers!!

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About the author: 

Author Kate Lloyd is a passionate observer of human relationships. A native of Baltimore, Kate spends time with family and friends in Lancaster County, PA, the inspiration for her novels. She is a member of the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society. Kate and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest. Kate studied painting and sculpture in college. She's worked a variety of jobs, including car salesman and restaurateur.

Kate can be found at: websiteFacebookTwitterPinterest

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  1. Having read and LOVED the first two, I must read this. Am looking forward to it!

  2. I am looking forward to reading this book,it sounds great.I love Kate's books.Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love Kate's books and am hoping to read this one soon. Great review, Karla!