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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Author of "Double Take" Writes Another Hit!

     "Trading Secrets"
      By Melody Carlson

Books by this author are always a joy to read. Easy reads that take you to a world not too different from our own, however always unique in story line. This novel involves a combination of the Englischer and Amish worlds. You know the old saying "girl meets boy", well this is the case but with a twist, Englisch girl meets Amish boy, but with a shock in store for the young man!! A rather big earth shattering shock for him!! He has been writing to Micah Knight for years, being her Amish penpal, all the while believing that Micah is a male. She is aware of Zach's misconception, however, keeps it a complete secret. She is so afraid that if he finds out, he will not continue to write to her. 

Micah has shared her deepest feelings and thoughts with Zach. He has seen her through some tough life situations and she fears the loss of this friend. But, now, Micah finally has the chance to meet her penpal in person!! She wants nothing more than to experience Amish life on Zach's farm, but she is more than a little anxious and she should be!! Will he be furious at her for decieving him all these years?? Will she lose her valued friendship??? What will be his family's reaction???

Indeed, this story is one of the result of deception that leads to somewhat heartbreaking complications. It really makes us think of what can happen when we keep secrets. Is it ever a good plan?? I think not!!

The characters are very well developed, realistic and  have everyday problems. YES ! This is one big problem!! All caused by being deceitful! I immediately felt a connection to Micah. What seemed like a little thing when she was younger, grew as she did, to become a bigger complication in life. I felt for her as she struggled with a plan. Her heartaches and fears became mine. As she wondered why she had ever  kept such a secret, I looked at myself and examined myself . Had I ever done anything like this?? Maybe not in the same way, bu† in letting others think things without correcting them. 

The plot is well developed and keeps moving quickly. We are kept wondering what the outcome will be, as new twists and turns erupt in each chapter. 

As always, Melody Carlson has a clear message throughout the book. It is one that the reader will think of and ponder long after finishing the last chapter. 

Love Melody's books!! A great read!

This book was supplied by Revell, in rxchange for a fair and honest review.

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