Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Great Cozy Mystery for Summer Reading!

     Freshly Baked

  By Vannetta Chapman

"Don't taste it! Don't share it! Just throw it away
If you try my bakery pie! You won't live to see another day!!

This is one of the many frightening messages found in The Amish Artisan Village of Middlebury, Indiana. This is the very LAST place  in which you would think of finding such a message. After all, are not the Amish people known for their peaceful lives and resistance to violence???  Amber , the manager of this village, was very startled and very afraid!! Could the delicious goods sold at the bakery, on site, possibly become lethal???   Why would anyone leave a trail of poetry leading to a sweet toothed killer? Amber , after stumbling upon this mystery , decides that NOTHING is going to stop her from finding the suspicious would be murderer. 

When poetic notes that give warnings about poisoning being present in pies being sold, begin to appear around the bakery, Amber is not only confused but VERY concerned. Who on earth would poison a pie and why??? Who would be dumb enough to leave notes after they had done such a cruel thing? Amber and the police work together, enlisting the help of Hannah Troyer to tone up their detective skills. 

Will Amber and Hannah be successful in helping the police before the Poison Poet actually hurts or murders someone? Both women have to draw on their strong faith to preserve this peaceful community. 

This book is the third and last in Vannetta Chapman's "An Amish Village Mystery " series. She has successfully ended this set of books with a bang!! Although it can be read as a stand alone, I found that having read the two previous mysteries was an advantage to me. I was once again, revisiting my old friends at the Artisan Village. In this small setting, the English work alongside the Amish with harmony and grace. Respect for all is evident, as well as the strong bond of friendship and faith. It is truly a peaceful environment, one which I sure wouldn't mind visiting!  

Vannetta presents her characters in a realistic, interesting way, each having their own little quirks that makes them unique. You immediately become immersed in their daily lives, sometimes wanting to hug them to make things better , other times wanting to shake them to knock some sense into their heads. 

The plot moves quickly , involving many twists and turns. There are actually two mysteries that need to be solved. Are they connected?? Only the reader will find out!! Not only is someone leaving the notes concerning poison but there is also a shocking murder. This one is not just an idle threat!! 

This is a book that keeps one engrossed from beginning to end. The real world passes one by as one becomes part of a very mind boggling situation.  No lack of action, suspense in this novel. AND Yes, there is even humor!! 

This author has done it all, to make this the best of her cozy mysteries yet!! I highly recommend this book to all readers. A fantastic book to read in the backyard, the park and the beach, and yes, I even read some in the car!

I am eagerly awaiting the next series by Vannetta Chapman. I have no doubt that it will be another winner!!!

This book was provided by the author and Zondervan , in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Looking forward to reading this book. Loved the first two. Great review


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