Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another Winning Novel from Wanda Brunstetter


"The Lopsided Christmas Cake"
By Wanda Brunstetter

Twins Elma and Thelma agree to bake for the Amish charity auction---then find out they have to do it onstage! They bumble through cooking chaos and create a hilariously imperfect pastry. But it attracts bids---and bachelors. Could a botched Christmas cake really be the key that unlocks romance for the Hochstetler sisters? 

Wanda Brunstetter has been writing fantastic books in the Amish fiction genre for many years. In this new Christmas book, Jean joins her to compose a humorous tale that causes the reader to smile, giggle and yes, even laugh out loud. Many feelings arise as you read this delightful tale that appeals to the romantic side of every one of us. Although the title alone makes  one smile, this adventure has one also  thinking of the ideal romance that all females desire, along with the  challenges one encounters on the path to happiness. 

The idea of single twins sharing their lives and adventures is a very different twist to Amish fiction. This book is definitely NOT your typical Amish tale of boy meets girl, get married, have a family. The desire to marry and have a family could be the thing that divides these two precious ladies. Their two lives have been so alike up to this point. I could easily identify with them and felt their confusion and trials as they attempt to deal with rather unusual situations. They were described so realistically that I felt they were near and dear to me. What lovable and yes, sometimes silly women!!

The plot was very different from the norm. Very simple yet appealing and touched my funny bone!! This book is an easy read but keeps one guessing throughout as you encounter little twists and turns.

Wanda has once again written a winning novel. I would highly recommend this book for a light enjoyable read. A great book to keep one amused during the Christmas season. 

This ebook was supplied by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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