Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Heartwarming Story of Overcoming Obstacles!

                "The Imposter"
          By Suzanne Woods Fisher

Suzanne has done it again!! She has written the first book in a new series, "The Bishop's Family", that grabs your interest immediately. When I looked at the back cover and saw this statement, "A heart once deceived should not be easily fooled again", I just knew this story was another winner!  

The main character, Katrina Stoltzfus, was confident that she had life and love figured out. Marrying John was going to produce a "happily ever after" ending to her childhood. However, as with most idealistic ideas that youth have, plans begin to crumble right before her eyes. Katrina's future seems doomed and uncertain. When a widow in the Amish community asks for help starting a new business, Katrina does not hesitate to offer to help. Her broken heart need to heal and she feels this will help her untangle her life and find a new purpose for her future. 

The one thing that she doesn't need nor want is attention from farmhand, Andy Miller, who had arrived at the widow's farm just when he was needed most. The mystery is why is he there always at the right time and in the right place?? Andy just seems too good to be true. Katrina has been deceived once! She is determined not to  go through that heartbreak again.

As I entered this Amish community, I at once felt at home, back in Stoney Ridge. the setting for some of Suzanne's previous books. A quiet farming area with the Plain People living their faith. Alas, the reader becomes quickly aware that these wonderful folk have problems just as you and I have!! They are also human and experience pain, challenges , disappointments. The loveable, true to life characters, make their way into one's heart quickly, easy to identify with. Each has their own little quirks that makes them even more believable.One does not simply read this story. One LIVES it, walks in their shoes, if only for a brief time . Every disappointment , worry, fear and yes, even joy is felt. Suzanne's knowledge and understanding of the Amish is evident in her description of situations and characters.  Her extreme sensitivity is exemplified throughout the book.

The plot is one that has the perfect blend of events, some happy, some sad, even some maddening !  The underlying theme of all of the happenings center on the hiding of wrong doings. The past is always there. Our mistakes make one who they are in the present. Lies have been told, can we really call them just half truths?? Is redemption possible?? Of course, but only if God's plan is allowed to play out in one's life. As the story unfolds, the reader is shocked by the deceit of one in a position of authority. I must say, this plot is one that kept me thinking long after I had finished reading the book. God does forgive, but only if one realizes his/her errors and changes . Can this apply to me?? Of course it can!! Are any of us perfect? NOT one!! But forgiveness is always available. Suzanne's message is loud and clear.

 I highly recommend this book to all readers, not just lovers of the Amish fiction genre. It is a very different kind of story, one full of surprises and mystery.
Definitely a five star book!!

Eagerly awaiting book two in this series!

This book was supplied by Revell  and Graff Martin Communications in exchange for a fair and honest review. Now available from your local bookseller.

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