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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Can Love Overcome a Broken Past???

"Where She Belongs"
  By Johnnie Alexander


Shelby Kincaid has suffered the loss of her husband and is left feeling devastated, lonely and forlorn. She is at the stage of her life, where she feels that she is ready to move on and hopes for a brighter future. To improve her life with her two young daughters and herself, she longs to purchase her family's homestead, Misty Willow, the only place that she ever truly belonged. Although the house is at present, abandoned, Shelby has plans to transform it into the perfect home of her memories. This becomes a very big challenge!

AJ Sullivan never wanted Shelby's homestead! He became the owner, only as a punishment!! Yes, a punishment!! His grandfather left it to him because he did not follow the elderly man's wishes!! AJ, not caring about this house, has let it fall into a state of complete disrepair. His greatest wish is to unload this eyesore to this spitfire of a woman. But  even after many angry outbursts from her, he just cannot get her out of his mind. 

My Opinions:  

Johnnie Alexander is a new author to me, so I really did not know what to expect when I opened this book! I was pleasantly surprised!! It was a fantastic read! 

The characters were realistic and so well described that I felt immediately their every challenge, hurt and joy. I easily pictured Shelby in my mind as a spunky young mom who was facing a world of worries and heartaches!! AJ was also suffering from a family past that wasn't full of pleasure. Both of these individuals had disappointments and heartache that make an impact on the reader. 

The plot moves along at a steady pace with just enough twists and turns to keep the reader glued to the page. What you expect is not always the outcome! 

The setting is described in a way that it portrays a vivid picture of this old home. I really wanted to jump into the story to be there to enjoy this wonderful place.

This book is truly one that keeps you thinking long after you have read the book. Family grudges, unhappy pasts, life's surprises, all influence your life in the present and the future. The past can be overcome but it takes will power and help from above.

I will eagerly be awaiting this author's next book!!

This book was supplied byRevell  and Graff Martin Communications in exchange for a fair and honest review. Now available from your local bookseller.

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