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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Another Winning Novel by Charlotte Hubbard!!

                                                      "Promise Lodge"
By Charlotte Hubbard

RT Book Reviews say "Hubbard writes Amish stories with style and grace." and  that statement certainly rings true in my opinion! This first book in a new series, won a special place in my heart, as I fell in love with the main characters and found myself living their lives alongside them. 

Promise Lodge is a place for heaven sent second chances, giving those that need it, a better life, a fresh start . Three Amish sisters, Rosetta, Mattie and Christina have left their homes behind in Coldstream to start Promise Lodge, hoping to develop it into a haven for Plain People, including Amish and Mennonite women who may have nowhere else to go. These three woman have all have experienced misfortune in their lives and wish to help others in need, giving them a colony where faith's abiding promise is fulfilled and love can make all things new. The setting is described in such detail that one feels the peace and beauty of God's creations. I got to the point, when I really had a great desire to pack up and join these three dear ladies. 

Synopsis From book cover:

Energetic widow Mattie Bender Schwartz is working day and night to get Promise Lodge going. She's also hoping the change will help her son Noah's heart to heal after his broken engagement. But his former fiancée, Deborah, is looking for a fresh start too. Filled with regret, and cast out by her dat for a reason she can't yet reveal, Deborah can only pray Noah will forgive her foolishness. 

Deborah is the last person Noah expected to show up at Promise Lodge. But with her cruel words still ringing in his head, he's reluctant to accept her apology--even if the Old Order ways demand he try. If only he could obey Christ's most important commandment: love one another. But one thing is certain--his mother and aunts, and their beloved Preacher Amos, will do their best to help him get there. 

Exclusive Excerpt from Book:

Rosetta Bender stepped out of the stable with a bucket of fresh goat milk in each hand, gazing toward the pink and peach horizon. Sunrises felt special here at her new home. She was grateful to God for helping her and her two sisters jump through all the necessary hoops to acquire this abandoned church camp. Its name alone—Promise Lodge—made Rosetta feel hopeful, made her dare to dream of a better life for her family and for the other Plain folks they hoped to attract to their new settlement. Even so, she let out a long sigh.

“You sound all tuckered out and we’ve not even had breakfast yet.”

Rosetta turned to smile at her eldest sister, Mattie Schwartz, who’d just come from the chicken house with a wire basket of fresh eggs. The sun’s first rays made a few silvery strands sparkle in her dark hair, which was tucked up beneath a blue kerchief.

“There’s no denying that we set ourselves up for a lot of work when we bought this property,” Rosetta replied wistfully. “I wouldn’t move back to Coldstream for love nor money, but I wish I could join the gals who’ll be cleaning at the King place this week, helping Anna get their house ready for Sunday’s service. And I’d like to be at the common meal with everyone after church, too.”

Mattie looked away. “So I’m not the only one who’s been missing our gut friends?” she asked. “In all the hustle and bustle of selling our farms and shifting our households to Promise, I hadn’t thought about leaving everyone we’ve known all our lives. Takes some getting used to, how quiet it is out here in the middle of nowhere, ain’t so?”

“Is this a meeting of the Promise Lodge Lonely Hearts Club?” their sister Christine demanded playfully. As she stopped beside them, she shifted a bouquet of colorful iris so she could shield her eyes from the sun. “That gorgeous sunrise comes with the reminder that the heavens declare the glory of God and that we should, too—and I for one will not miss plenty of things about Coldstream. Every time I saw that new barn out my kitchen window, it reminded me of how my Willis died because someone set the old barn on fire,” she declared. “I—I’m glad to be leaving old ghosts behind. Focusing forward.”

Rosetta nodded, because she’d sold the house where Mamm and Dat had died, too—but Christine’s tragedy was far worse than the passing of their elderly parents. The Hershberger family had returned home last fall to discover their barn in flames. When Willis had rushed in to shoo out the spooked horses, one of them had kicked him against a burning support beam and part of the barn had collapsed on him.

“And I won’t miss the way Bishop Obadiah refused to allow an investigation into that fire at your place, Christine,” Mattie stated. “God might’ve chosen him to lead our church district—and I understand about Old Order folks not wanting English policemen interfering in their lives. But Obadiah turns a blind eye whenever his son’s name is connected to trouble, too.”

“Isaac Chupp and his dat know more about that barn fire than they’re telling,” Rosetta agreed. “And while I miss the company of our women friends, I do not want to endure another of Obadiah’s lectures about how you two should get married again and how I need to get hitched now that Mamm and Dat have passed on.”

My Thoughts:

The characters are described in such a detailed and realistic manner that you immediately can identify with them. They each have their own special, little quirky ways that endear them to you. I only wish that I could meet these God fearing strong women! Their spunk and dedication to help others stick with their faith, even in the most difficult times is admirable. I must admit , I had to fight the dislike that built up in me towards one character that entered this place of peace. Neither peace nor forgiveness was visible in any of his actions.  The story speaks clearly of the ability to follow God in good times as well as bad. God DOES have a plan for each of us, a good one. He allows us to make mistakes but life never ends there, you always have another chance!!

The plot is extremely well developed and has surprising twists and turns, springing up at the most unexpected moments.  A sensitive topic is dealt with in a way that makes the reader stop and take a moment to reflect on life's challenges. It makes all of us  realize that no one is exempt from the problems and tragedies of life. The Amish community does not differ from any other. God fearing people have to tread the same hard paths as others. Faithful, believing followers often experience difficulties. God's promises to keep us safe and always remain with us, shines through this story. Unlike many books of the Amish genre, this one does not paint a perfect life. lt portrays a true look at possibilities that can occur in the best of homes. I highly respect the sensitivity of the author when addressing such problems. 

This book is definitely a five star book!  I have read Charlotte Hubbard's Seasons of the Hearts Series , so knew that I would enjoy this one, however, this particular book stood out as one that has a great message for all of us! It is the BEST yet!!!

This book was supplied by the author and Goddess Fish Promotions,  in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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About the Author:

Charlotte Hubbard sold her first historical romance in 1990, and she's been a slave to her overactive imagination ever since. As she writes, her stories invariably take on a life of their own, different from the way she proposed them: unforeseen characters and plot twists come along, and they keep her guessing right along with her readers!

Charlotte has lived in the Midwest most of her life. When she's not writing, she loves touring historic homes, trying new recipes, crocheting, and playing with her Border Collie, Ramona. She's a Presbyterian deacon, sings in her church choir, and plays in the percussion ensemble. She's married to a fine man who--bless him--has never once suggested she get a real job!

Promise Lodge, Book 1
Zebra (February 26, 2016)
ISBN-13: 9781420139419 •• ISBN-10: 142013941X

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