Friday, June 24, 2016

A Fabulous Story of Faith

                "fading starlight"
              By Kathryn Cushman

Lauren is a beautiful, young woman who puts herself in hiding. Her fantastic fashion house internship came to a shocking and abrupt, horrific end. Instead of launching her career, an accident on the red carpet is unjustly blamed on Lauren's work, which is deemed careless, full of errors. This is a total surprise to this caring woman who has done her best in all of her work. Blackballed , due to lies of an uncaring, cruel star, Lauren struggles to find a place in which to hide and work through her challenges, on her own, depending on no one but herself and her faith. Seeking answers, she settles in a rundown cottage, with a lowpaying job. Hiding in the shadows of a cliff side mansion, she discovers what one can see is not always the whole story. Planning to live on savings until she figures out what will come next in her life, Lauren is totally unprepared to be contacted by a  reporter who says she wants to  help her uncover the truth about her accusations as a fashion designer, totally unaware of the reporter's real motives. 

The events that follow keep the reader totally engrossed . The only negative opinion that I have about this novel is that I did not want it to end!! The characters were described in such a realistic, detailed fashion that I at once was able to identify with them. I felt every hurt, challenge, worry and fear and rejoiced with them in any successes that were won. Lauren's difficult journey in her life and careeer became part of me. This book is a story of a very persistent, young woman who even though her life is in crisis mode, and she is questioning her faith in this path of false accusations, presents us with alternative ways to deal with troubles. That is, other that striking back!! It is truly a story of faith. 

The plot is packed full of unexpected twists and turns, all intertwining to make this a winning book! It is a beautiful , tender, yet compelling tale of faith, friendship and new beginnings. Lauren struggles throughout with ethical issues, that many of us encounter , however deals with them in unusually kind, thoughtful ways. She can not repair her problems by herself, and is receptive to God's plan for her life. It is not always what we expect , but she pays back bitterness and evil with kindness to others.

 I absolutely loved the details of fashion design that were at the core of this story.  It was truly an education in that, as well as in old time Hollywood stars, and the history of films. God's plan for our life is not always laid out as we imagine. Lauren is the perfect example of how one can turn evil hurtful experiences into a valuable learning tool to help others who are hurting. 

Definitely a five star book!! Don't miss it!!

This book was provided by Bethany House, and Graf-Martin Communications , in exchange for a fair and honest review. Available now at your local booksellers. 

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