Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Thrill Ride from Start to Finish!

       By Lisa Harris


Nikki Boyd Enters the Deadly World of Counterfeit Drugs to Find a Missing Woman
Nikki Boyd isn't usually called in on homicides; her forte is missing persons. But when a case with two murdered and two missing pops up on a quiet suburban street, she's ready to start the investigation and find missing homeowners Mac and Lucy Hudson. When the first clues lead her to the boat of her friend Tyler Grant--and another dead body--Nikki must untangle what ties Tyler to the Hudsons. The clues pull her into a deadly maze of counterfeit drugs and a killer who will stop at nothing to silence anyone who threatens his business--including Nikki.

Christy Award-winning and bestselling author Lisa Harris puts readers right into the action in this fast-paced thriller that will have them turning pages long into the night.

My Thoughts:

This is the second in Lisa's Nikki Boyd Files Series, following "Vendetta". I loved the first book, but I must say that I believe this one was even better!!  The growth of the characters, Tyler and Nikki, was evident as the story progressed. The interaction between the two of them was static and full of changes. The characters are so realistic and well developed that the reader becomes involved with them immediately. Their lives become part of your's !! I felt every fear and challenge, and travelled their life journey alongside them. I felt every bump in the road!

Although the story was a romance, there was nothing dull or ordinary about it. The plot is fast paced and lives are at stake  throughout . The wrong move can cause a tragedy that can never be forgotten. The pressure builds as the storyline progresses. There is constant suspense  and danger as clues are discovered in the case of a missing couple. This book is definitely a "sit on the edge of your seat with heart throbbing" kind of novel!! I could NOT put this book down!! 

Although this is part of a series, this book can be read as a stand alone. Lisa Harris gives enough background that one can enjoy this story with or without reading Vendetta. 

Now, I can hardly wait for Lisa's next book!! Each one just seems to be getting better and better!!

A five star book!! I highly recommend it to lovers of suspense full of unexpected, shocking twists and turns. 

This book was supplied by Revell, in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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