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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Exciting New Amish Mystery Series by Vannetta Chapman!!

     "What the Bishop Saw"
       By Vannetta Chapman

When I see that one of my favorite authors has a new series coming out, I am on pins and needles until I can get my hands on the book!!! Our household was full of smiles and excitement this past week, when our mail carrier delivered a very special package! I must admit that I was the one who was excited, my husband, maybe not so much, as he realises that when I have a good book in my hands, housework and meals are forgotten. The world passes me by as I escape reality and become part of a very different community.

'What the Bishop Saw" is the first in Vannetta's new series, "The Amish Bishop Mysteries". This first book grabbed my attention immediately and had me walking alongside the characters throughout their adventures.  The setting is San Luis Valley, Colorado . A fire blazes, totally out of control , leaving an elderly Amish bachelor dead. The Bishop, Henry Lapp, rushes to the scene and discovers disturbing news. The fire was NOT an accident. Someone wanted to kill Vernon Frey. The mystery begins, who on earth wants to kill this somewhat nasty recluse? The problem is very simple.... there are few people who liked this man, many wanted to get him out of this peaceful community. 

The police point a finger at an individual who Henry knows is innocent, without a doubt. Then comes a real shock!! Henry has an extremely rare talent, which he has refused to use for years, that could help solve the mystery. However, Henry has not acknowledged or used this ability for a very long time and really does not want it to come to people's attention again. Will his neighbor, Emma, be able to convince him to follow God's leading, even if it is not his heart's desire????

Could the clue to solving the case be locked up in Henry's innermost memories?? Can he overcome his fear of using his special talent??

The characters  were described in such a detailed, realistic manner, that  they were all easy with whom to identify. It didn't take long before I was walking beside my new friends, feeling their every fear, worry, challenge. Many emotions went on deep within me, as I was amazed at the depth of the friendships and the power of God's grace. 
The plot moves swiftly with unexpected twists and turns at every turn of the page. Just when I thought that I had answers to the mystery, another event would occur that would have me totally confused. Sitting on the edge of my chair, with my heart pounding, I just had to finish this book as quickly as possible. I could not put it down.

Vannetta has a unique talent of capturing one's interest upon reading the first page with her unusual events occurring in a quiet Amish Community. Not what we expect of the Plain People who do not accept violence in any situation. This author makes us realise that the Amish are just like you and I. They have the same problems and challenges. Their world is not one without difficulties. 

This book definitely has earned five stars. Don't miss it!! It was just released and is available at Amazon.com. 

I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series!! Vannetta has written another winning novel!!

This book was received as a gift. The opinions and thoughts expressed are honest and my own. 

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