Sunday, November 19, 2017

Leslie Gould Starts Off A Brand New Series in the Amish Fiction Genre!

"A Plain Leaving"

 By Leslie Gould


"Gould Offers a New Amish Series in Idyllic Lancaster County
At age twenty, Jessica Bachman left her two beloved sisters and her Amish community after clashing with the new bishop about her role in the family and the future of their farm. She tried to convince Silas Kemp, who'd been courting her for two years, to join her, but when he said no, she fled anyway. 

Three years later, she returns home for the first time since leaving Lancaster to attend her father's funeral. Her arrival back revives all sorts of emotions--yearnings and sorrows alike. Jessica knows things will never return to how they were. But in seeing Silas again, she can't help but wonder what might have been.

Struggling to decide where her next step should take her, she learns the story of a Revolutionary War-era ancestor that echoes her own choices. Will Jessica leave her family and community forever, or is there peace and healing and love yet to come?"

My Thoughts:

This first book in "The Sisters of Lancaster County" series starts off with a BANG!!! Each time I pick up a book by this author , I am amazed at the depth of the characters and the uniqueness of the plot. This book grabbed me from the first page and I found it very difficult to put down! 

The characters are so realistic and well described that you are drawn into their lives in such a way that you feel every struggle and challenge , as well as their joys and successes. I easily identified with Jessica and she became my best friend. I walked with her along her rocky path of life. What a roller coaster ride we had!!  Leslie has the unique talent of creating Amish individuals who have flaws just as you and I have. They may be the Plain People but they are not exempt from the problems of everyday life. Their way of dealing with them are what makes them different. 

The plot is one that is complicated and actually has two stories woven into one. As I usually am not fond of books written in the first person, I was slightly shocked to find that I found this tale an easy one to read. Unexpected twists and turns shock the reader at every turn of the page. Trials and turmoil stressed the importance of loyalty, forgiveness and love that is indeed unconditional. That old annoying feeling of jealousy rises its ugly head from time to time. An underlying theme of hope and courage in tough times shines through as the story progresses. 

If you wish to read a book that has a totally different look at the life of the Amish , then this is for you!! Far from your typical Amish Genre book!! 

Definitely a five star book! Can hardly wait for book two in this series! Congratulations, Leslie , on a magnificent creation!!!

This book was received as a gift. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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