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Friday, September 25, 2020

A great New Read from Kate Lloyd!

                            “Stage Fright”


Jessica Nash loves to sing but is paralyzed every time she gets on stage. After blowing an excruciating audition, she wonders if she should give up on her dream. She’s already committed to a week-long choral tour of England with her church choir, though, and as a single mom with a limited income, this might be her only chance to travel.  

The trip gets off to a rocky start when Jessica has to sit next to Martin, a once-famous British tenor whose career plummeted in a scandal, on the flight to London. Is it her imagination, or does he seem to aim his bitterness toward womankind specifically at her? And to make things worse, once they arrive Jessica discovers she has to room with the choir’s thorny lead soprano.

When Nick, their handsome tour guide, takes a special interest in showing Jessica the sights, things finally seem to be falling into place. She starts to relax and let herself be wooed against the backdrop of the charming English countryside. But is she ready to give him as much as he’s asking for?

Things aren’t as simple as they seem. Almost every person on the tour, it seems, is hiding a secret, and before her English holiday is over Jessica will find herself stretched and tested in every direction—including the soloist’s place center stage.

My Thoughts:

 Katr has once again written a book that grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go!! Her characters are so well described that you easily identify with them and become a part of their lives. I  felt Jessica's pain as she was so nervous . I , myself, can teach a group of thirty eight year olds but don't put me in front of even a snall group of adults. As Jessica experienced the queasy stomach, the shaking legs  take over and  the words just wont come out. As  a single mother , Jesscia had challenges that at times overwhelmed her. Her chance to be a success as a singer in her church choir presented her with a goal that she was determined to achieve. 

The plot moves quickly and keeps your interest as you are experiencing a possible new romance and  a goal achieved by a deserving young woman. The unexpected events that crop up kept me up long past my bedtime. Although it is a quick read, it was full of meaning and emotion. 

Well done, Kate!! A  fast but great read!!

This book was received from the publisher. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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