Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Book Review :A Missing Girl and a Corrupt Investigation- "Back on Murder"

Back on Murder
By J. Mark Bertrand

This book involves a Houston homicide detective, Roland March, who was once one ot the best!! However, he  is now very disillusioned, cynical,  and is being farmed out to  cases that are meant to be punishment to him. Finally, he comes upon an unexpected opportunity to save his previously envious career. He has the task of finding a missing daughter of an evangelist that every other cop is looking for,with  little success.  March discovers it is a multiple murder with connecting cases. He faces his past which he fears.
A positive aspect to this book is that there are no graphic descriptions of the crimes , yet you know the details of the homicides and the disappearance through the dialogue and interaction of the characters. Written in the first person, the book tends to be quite "wordy", making you know him well as a person, however, you fail to involve yourself completely in the action.  The author very cleverly connects the three crimes together and it is through March's persistence that the crimes are solved.
It appeals to an audience interested in the police detective genre without having to visualize graphic images. Well done for those who enjoy detective novels.

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