Friday, July 2, 2010

Embracing Your Second Calling- a rather disappointing read

A Book that promised a lot- but I was a bit disappointed, July 2 2010

Embracing Your Second Calling

By Dale Hanson Bourke

The topic of this book immediately caught my interest. Here I am, a woman in my 50's, and the author promises that you can "find passion and purpose for the rest of your life".

Upon beginning to read, I was very interested in the fact that she uses the fact that as we grow older, we do indeed change who we are and how we react to life and circumstances with which we are presented. That is SO true!! Dale uses the story of Naomi and Ruth to apply what she is trying to get us to understand. That was one part of the book that I especially enjoyed.

Her addition of the Reflect boxes were thought provoking, however, I was extremely disappointed with her Act boxes. Many were not practical for most people not were they things that most women would do.

I found the book centred on her life, which is fine, she wants us to see how she herself changed, however, I became tired of the "me" involved in the book. Not all of us have the money nor position to do some of the things she has been able to do. I thought that she could have given us some more practical suggestions on "HOW" to change in a positive manner.

So... although, it was an interesting and different read, I found this book did not meet my needs. Perhaps, I am beyond the age of audience of the book for whom it is written. In my 40's, I may have taken a different perspective upon reading it.

Hopefully, others can use her suggestions. I felt that I could not.

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