Friday, September 24, 2010

What a marvellous trip!!

Our  trip to Paradise PA was SO much fun. This year, we had the pleasure of sharing our holiday with my sister (in law ),  who celebrated her 70th birthday while there.  If you are looking for a marvellous Bed and Breakfast, try Frogtown Acres. They have a website where you can see their rooms and breakfast menus. The innkeeper, Joe is the King of practical jokes and kept us in stitches during our breakfast each day. We were able to sit and watch the Amish in the fields harvesting the corn, with their teams of mules and horses, watch the buggies clip clopping down the road and travelled far and wide in Lancaster County. Of course, I bought LOADS of quilt fabric- if you are a quilter- that is where you should go- very reasonable and I  purchased a few books- like 20 or so.Lol! Now back home to do my next book review. And guess what???? It is an Amish fiction, The Thorn by Beverley Lewis!!YEAH!

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