Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Encouraging True Story of Faith and Trust- A Book Review

"Choosing to See"
By Mary Beth Chapman, with Ellen Vaughn

All I can say is WOW!! This is truly  a book of struggle and hope- as the cover states.
This is a true (life) story of Mary Beth Chapman, her songwriter and  performer husband,
Curtis Chapman and their family, starting out as 3 children, then growing to 6.
Mary Beth's life starts out quite ordinary, but develops into something that no one can possibly plan, other than God.  She desires to live  a peaceful life and strives for stability and control, however, quickly learns that that is not to be. God is in  control, even when sometimes the results are nothing like we dreamed or wished for.
God gave her a talented, Christian husband and three great kids, but in Choosing to See, she tells us how she struggles with some of life's biggest questions- where is God when everything falls apart?  It is difficult to give the true essence of this book without including spoilers.
Let's just say, she and her husband decide their family will increase from three children to six -  through international adoption.  The adoption process is described in detailed, emotional terms- you feel you are living with them at that moment. Since we adopted our daughter,  I could feel all those mixed emotions.
When everything seems to be going so well and happiness reigns in their home, a tragedy occurs-one that no parent wants to have to deal with!!  Mary Beth tells of the struggle to survive and how to continue to believe throughout sorrow.  Although much of the book deals with extreme sadness, it ends in such  a positive way!! Sorry, can't tell you that part- it would spoil the book!!  What an encouraging story of faith that shows what God can do with a family who will follow His leading.
This book honestly tackled questions we all have at times. Why does God allow terrible things to happen? How can we survive these times??
Great book!!!

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