Friday, February 25, 2011

Review of a Raleigh Harmon Novel

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View mountains...jpg in slide showThe Mountains Bow Low
By Sibella Giorello
Well, Sibella has brought back FBI agent, Raleigh Harmon, to solve another crime!! On board a ship to Alaska, she encounters an unexpected mystery and tragedy.This forensic geologist is hoping to leave behind her hectic work schedule and  her engagement that has slowly drained of romance.This is her holiday, she THINKS!!
That plan changes very quickly, when a passenger goes missing and is found dead. Raleigh's vacation gets lost at sea!! Although the death is pronounced a suicide, she knows better and uses her investigative talents to discover the truth.  Help is requested from the FBI- her nemesis arrives-a handsome agent who drives her crazy!! There are five days to solve this crime and figure out her true feelings for this agent who has roots in her past.
Family offers even more challenges. Rifts become larger and problems become bigger with her mother and her aunt.
As stated on the back cover of the book, "Raleigh discovers a mystery so daunting that even mountains might bow down before it."
Sibella, again keeps you engrossed throughout the story with the twists and turns of her plot.  This is definitely a book for mystery lovers.  I found it a bit tiresome and difficult to keep the characters straight, as well as the variety of themes used throughout the book, however, I am not a true lover of FBI novels. Others would find it fascinating, I am sure.
This book was provided free in exchange for a review.. 
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