Friday, March 11, 2011

A Good Read by Ann H. Gabhart

Angel Sister
By Ann H. Gabhart

This book was, for me, hard to "get into", however, once I had read several chapters, I was hooked!! What a surprise!  I thought, oh, what am I ever going to say in the review- then- it was- What a great book- and how different it is, from others that I have reviewed. Complete reversal of my attitude- I loved the last half of the book!! So if you can be persistent, keep reading, you won't be sorry.
The story takes place in Kentucky in 1936, with a family in turmoil.  Kate works very hard to keep her family together.  Her dad is an alcoholic and is slipping further away all the time, while her mom is trying to come to grips with their dire financial situations, and her sisters just continue to ignore the whole problem.
BUT the exciting and mysterious part of the story comes to light , when a dirty, little, abandoned girl appears on the scene by the name of Lorena Birdsong. She captures Kate's heart and soul and  the theme of the novel centres around this strange   sweet child. There are many problems, challenges and beautiful moments in this story, but I must not describe them as they would be spoilers.
Just one word- READ this book!! It will give you such a positive attitude toward others as will as hope in the darkest moments.
A great read!!
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