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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Marvellous Read- Humorous, but Serious, at the Same Time!!

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Book Review
"My Foolish Heart"
by Susan May Warren
This book was a totally unexpectedly good read!! When I read the synopsis, I thought to myself that perhaps it was not "my kind of book". Boy, was I wrong!! Pure enjoyment- laughter and tears - all  erupted due to the unexpected events in this novel. Susan has an exceptional talent of being able to immerse you into her story, characters and their problems. Her detailed description of them at time causes fits of giggles, at other times, a desire to shed tears for them.
The main character, Isadora Presley, is the star host of a radio show entitled, "My Foolish Heart". From her home studio , she gives advice to the lovelorn, however she herself , has never had a date. Due to an accident,  took the life of her mother, she has lived a life of panic, trapped inside her home, fearful to leave the only safety, she believes she has. She constantly reminds listeners that their love could be in the house next door, but refuses to believe it could happen to her!! AHA! Surprise, it can and it does!! But not without its challenges. 
Caleb Knight, her new neighbor , is persistent, to the point of being annoying to attempt to free her  of her shackles! Little do they both realize, this is going to turn into a romantic adventure.
The wit used by Susan is outstanding. Her true spirit-filled style just abounds throughout this sweet story. It is truly a hopeful, healing adventure for both of the characters, that you feel yourself as you travel the path with them.
Well done!! Highly recommended for relaxing reading beside the pool in the heat of summer.
Book provided by LitFuse in exchange for this review.

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