Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of another great Amish novel!! WOW !

Review of Another Wonderful Amish Novel!
"A Time for Peace"
By Barbara Cameron
Barbara has continued her series, entitled "Quilts of Lancaster County". Book 3, A Time for Peace is certainly no disappointment!! Often , when reading a series, I wonder if the next one will be as great as the previous- this book was EVEN better than the others, I believe!! How can that be, when I thought the last was great!! 

Using a great talent of describing the characters and their trials, challenges as well as joys and accomplishments, Barbara draws you into their lives so deeply, that you do feel as if you are part of the family. You feel the hurts, as they do and you rejoice with them as they make life changing decisions.
The plot is another one of twists and turns, making this book a real page turner.  You never know what is around the next corner.

In "A Time for Peace",  the main character , Jenny is loved  and cherished by her husband and children.  Her life appears to be perfect (after years of hardship), when suddenly her peaceful life falls apart. Phoebe, her grandmother, becomes ill and Jenny goes to care for her. As she cleans Phoebe's bedroom, letters are discovered that cause great distress and confusion. She is in shock, when she finds disturbing letters from her father, with details, of which she was totally unaware, dated back to the year when she was a mere eighteen.  Details, that could have changed her entire life!

The story continues to describe Jenny's struggles to come to term with secrets and why they were kept from her all this time. She questions her faith and trust in God. Why did this happen, when she was finally enjoying a life of peace and happiness??? Turmoil evolves in her , as well as her marriage and family life. Why is God doing this to her?  I must not say more, or I would be giving spoilers.

Barbara keeps you involved in this book from beginning to end. She is to be commended on her fine writing skills and her talent to totally involve you in the story. It is a real page turner!! I highly recommend this book to all!!

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