Monday, October 17, 2011

A Very Different Cookbook!! Entertaining and Useful!! WOW!

Review of a One of a Kind Cookbook:
"Taste of Pinecraft"
"Glimpses of Sarasota, Florida's Amish Culture                               and Kitchen"

By Sherry Gore
This is a very different kind of review for me to write. I have reviewed and done Blog Tours for fiction- all different types, biographies, autobiographies and personal growth, BUT have never before been involved in judging the merits of a cookbook!!
All  I can say is "WOW!"  This book is a true work of art. Not only is it packed with simple yet delicious recipes, it includes dozens of stories about life in a Plain community in Sarasota , Florida. I had not been aware of this  special community before encountering this book.   The recipes are generally easy to make and always full of wonderful flavors.  The ingredients are  easy to locate and are not unique to Florida.  If you follow these recipes, you end up with a delicious Amish meal, with enough variety to please everyone's tastes.

HOWEVER, this is not what just makes this cookbook unique. This book, as said by Keith Rathborn, publisher of The Budget, in the introduction, "feeds the body and the soul, serving family style."  The recipes are interspersed with stories of the Amish - Plain People, told by a variety of the members of this faith.  These reflections are personal stories which make you feel as if you are part of the Pinecraft community.  As I read through this book, I felt myself becoming part of a family based place to which I had never been. Each story is  one of a kind, as are the recipes, told with the wit and down home humor of the Plain People.  Stories told in the people's own words, showing their sense of humor as well as their creativity and story telling skills.

This is NOT just a cookbook!! It is a work of art. Useful recipes and heartwarming stories combined in one publication!! What more could one ask?

Sherry has used her life experiences to produce this fabulous cookbook. Never before have I cooked and read a story at the same time!!! Truly priceless!! Thank you , Sherry for sharing your community and recipes with us.
I absolutely LOVE this cookbook and it will take an important place in my kitchen - or maybe my coffee table- or..... Where does it belong? In a loving, caring home, feeding the stomach and the soul!!
Great for using in a practical  and entertaining way!!
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