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Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Review- "The Summons to Become"

"The Summons to Become"- A Book Review
  By Rachel Chambers

The Summons to Become is a book written by a mother of 6 children, detailing her life as she and her family went through the many changes necessary when the decision was made to become missionaries in Africa.
This family story started as a normal autobiography, but then became very different, very quickly.  Rachel, a mom and wife, tells her story and her family's journey as they venture miles away to a strange country with different customs and totally different lifestyle. All this done to share and witness their faith in the Lord with those who otherwise may never become aware of the choices they have.
It is an easy read and keeps you interested throughout- with the humor, as well as the trials and tribulations in a very different culture. Raising children in an environment, such as Africa , encountering numerous problems, we would never have in North America was described in a fun, interesting tone.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and happened upon it completely by accident- sitting in a Bed and Breakfast in Ohio, talking about reviewing books, then discovering that a table mate, was an author who had just published this book. It was a pleasure to read this for Rachel and I give it a five star review.

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