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Friday, December 30, 2011

Review of a Most Informative and Heartwarming Book

                        "I Am in Here"
By Elizabeth M. Bonker and Virginia G. Breen

Autism is becoming a very common diagnosis of many children today. When strange or unusual behaviours are noticed, particularly at an early age, parents often seek the assistance of a doctor, in an attempt to understand what is causing these, as well as to explain slow development. It is a illness, or condition, that causes so many families heartache as they strive to communicate and deal with these "special" children.

This book is extremely heartbreaking, as well as inspirational, as Virginia (the mother) and Elizabeth, the autistic daughter,  both struggle to come to an understanding of one another. Elizabeth is diagnosed after there are sudden changes of a completely normal toddler to a withdrawn, non verbal state, almost overnight. Everyday living becomes torturous, as she is LOCKED in herself, unable to communicate her thoughts or emotions. 

A true spiritual journey takes place, as the mother and daughter refuse to give up hope even when unbelievable obstacles stand in their way.  Elizabeth, when receiving the proper help, learns to express her hidden thoughts in a highly intelligent way- using poetry to express these feelings. This poetry, in the book, tells her story- her feeling of being locked in a body, with no way to  communicate her feelings, other than in unacceptable ways. Her torture at being misunderstood tugs at your heartstrings, as does her mother's battle against common misbeliefs about those who are autistic.  It gives those who are battling this, a light at the end of the tunnel.

A gifted, talented, intelligent girl has been locked in her shell, but with her mother's determination and faith,  has triumphed over the disadvantages of autism. Her depth of intelligence is unbelievable. This book is one that should be read by all who struggle with  autism. A truly amazing book!!!

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