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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A True Winner in Amish Fiction

"An Amish Wedding"    (a novella)
By: Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller and Beth Wiseman

These fabulous authors of Amish fiction have  succeeded again in producing a novella that all Amish fans will definitely not want to miss reading. Kathy and Beth have collaborated in previous novellas, but this time, Kelly has joined the crew!   What a wonderful example of three books in one, tied together by  the theme, Amish weddings, as the title tells us, using connecting characters in all of the stories, bringing unity to to the book.
   Each author uses their unique style to successfully keep you entranced throughout the book.  One story just leads into the next so smoothly that you hardly realize that a new author has taken over the story line. Each of these authors has the ability to describe their characters so well that each one becomes part of you. You feel their hurts, their challenges as well as their joy.  Although the main characters are all Amish, they experience the same  challenges, love and loss that the rest of us do.  It is all about how they use their faith to deal in a time of crisis , as well as in times of joy.

Kelly Long, the author of "A Perfect Secret", does a marvellous job of catching our attention at the beginning of this book. Her story's main character, Rose starts out the story by bursting out disapproval at Luke's proposal!! Not an ounce of romance in this man, she thinks!!  Does she really know Luke?  Mysterious things begin to happen in the community, things are missing and  Rose's fiance is right in the middle of the confused happenings.  Will this wedding ever come to be?? So many things are going on !!  Can God handle this challenge??  I can tell no more, without spoiling the book for perspective readers.

The second story, "A Perfect Match" by Kathleen Fuller, continues the saga of the wedding theme with her main character , Naomi,  who is trying her best to make a match for her friend, Margaret. Zeke is the handsome young man who is in the area for his cousin's wedding.  Naomi quickly takes on the role of a matchmaker.  But is she trying to match the correct couple?    Zeke is quickly falling in love, but not in keeping with "the plan".  Naomi  is falling in love but should she be??? Is it in God's plan for her life? Obstacles appear. Will there  be a wedding in the near future for Naomi?

The third novella is by Beth Wiseman, who also outdoes herself again, in her story, entitled "A Perfect Plan".  Priscilla is the young woman who is being matched up this time and Naomi, her sister, plays matchmaker again. Chester is invited to Priscilla's birthday party, unknown to her and decides to pursue her. They have one thing in common, they both want to go skydiving!!!  Naomi is successful and the wedding finally is planned , however obstacles appear- poison ivy, a destroyed wedding dress plus a failed celery crop. Can it get much worse than this??? Is God sending a special message to stop this wedding from happening?? 

These three Amish ladies have a common bond- An Amish wedding is to take place! Problems, YES!! Can God prepare their hearts for marriage, in spite of the challenges?
The three authors have done an outstanding job in pulling together a common theme with connecting characters. You feel  like you are a member of the family, waiting for the next move! All I can say is "WOW!"

This book is a winner !!!  Humor is used as well as heartache! What wonderful talent is exhibited by these three authors.  Well done!

Ebook provided by Booksneeze free of charge in exchange for a review.

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