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Friday, June 1, 2012

Shelley Shepard Gray continues The Secrets of Crittenden County Series!

Product Details"The Search"
By Shelley Shepard Gray

Shelley continues her mystery of The Secrets of Crittenden County, keeping us totally unaware of what is going to happen next.  Her first book in her series,"The Missing",  has the disappearance of a young person, Perry Borntrager.  The story involves numerous Amish young people, one of whom has been involved with Perry , in a romantic way. All of a sudden, Perry vanishes!  He is gone, but where and are others involved? His recent interactions with the Englisch world - in that in the world of drugs becomes obvious. But who was involved with this strange disappearance? Is the body found and by whom?

 The second in the series, "The Search", is not a disappointment. Shelley continues to use her talents to keep us on our toes at all times.  We are right in the middle of Perry's murder investigation.  Mose and Luke are striving desperately to find the cause of this dreadful and mysterious death. Frannie, a girl who has formerly dated Perry, is now the owner of a Bed and Breakfast.  As a surprise to all of us, Luke becomes involved with Frannie, although he did not intend this to occur. Frannie finds herself in the hospital , after an accident. Luke spends a great deal of time with her, however, is he trying to do his detective work, or does he care for her? Frannie's father is absent much of the time, due to his feelings about the way Frannie has chosen to live.  
Beth, a good friend of Frannie's takes over the B and B, while her Frannie is indisposed. Although it is difficult for her, she does it for a friend in need. 
The truth of  Perry's disappearance is discovered, as is the truth about many of his friends. Frannie, who at one time thought she was in love with Perry, becomes enamoured with Luke.  As Luke searches for the killer , he also seeks acceptance in the County. Frannie's relationship with her father remains unusual and strained, but I will say no more as I don't want to add any spoilers.

Shelley capably includes romance, suspence and intrigue all within the same book. Her ability to involve you in the lives of her characters is uncanny.  You feel you are there with them. The end of this book leaves you with many questions- the most important being- who did kill Perry and why????
I can hardly wait for Book 3 in this series, "Found", in which we will find the answers to our many questions.  A very different Amish book!! Loved it!!!!

This ebook was provided by Eidelweissabovethetreeline in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I am reading part 1 now and it is an excellant read and I am really enjoying it can't wait for this next one to come out.

    Geri Kelley :)


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