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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Cedar Cove Novel- Characters you could have as friends!

"Waiting for Sunrise"

Product DetailsBy Eva Marie Everson     

Synopsis of Book:  Patsy Milstrap , the main character of this book wishes that she could just escape the past and leave it behind!!  However, even with her desperate efforts, she seems unable to do so.  A mother, a wife, in agony, trying to put on a brave front for her family, is a person we begin to feel is a good friend with a problem, as we read this book.  The scars she bears on her soul affect her deeply in her daily life, although her husband does his best to  gently help heal her wounds.  At his suggestion, they  leave their children at home and take a trip to Cedar Cove, an idyllic  island in Florida. He presumes a week in paradise will do them both good.  However, a familiar and unexpected face greets Patsy at a seaside restaurant. She then comes to the quick realization that she cannot run from the past no matter how hard she tries.  BUT, what will opening old wounds do to her, her husband and her family?  Can she survive the results?  "Waiting for Sunrise" is a southern romance, that is a touching story of a family, a young love and the great need for forgiveness of self and others.  

  I felt  for this young mother in such a way that she became a good friend in need. Eva has a talent of describing the characters in such a way that you feel empathy  for them that touches your soul. Patsy's pain becomes part of you. The setting is one where we all wish we could be when we have a problem and it is described in detail, making it visible in our minds.  The plot, although, I found it hard to get into at first and is rather slow moving, becomes very meaningful and interesting.  You get an understanding that some problems are caused by mental illness and can only be healed by the proper means and people.  God plays a big part of how we deal with it. It is not a subject to be ignored or to be ashamed of. 
  I did enjoy this book greatly and learned some valuable lessons from it.       
 "Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
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  1. "Waiting For Sunrise" is a book that sounds like something I would like to read. Thanks Karla for posting your review of it!



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