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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Story of a Wedding Gown- Does that not appeal to all females??

Product Details"The Wedding Dress"
                      By Rachel Hauck

This book appealed to me at once, due to the most beautiful cover. I usually don't examine covers of books that carefully before reading, however the beauty  and uniqueness of this one drew my attention immediately. A wedding dress , but you cannot see the bride in the photo. Then , I realized that was the theme of this book. It is wonderful story of four woman who by some miracle were bound by one wedding gown. This is over time, in fact, over a century, that this somewhat magical dress finds its new bride and these women are bound forever- I wondered, at the conclusion of the book, who would wear it next!

The story begins with the main character, Charlotte, who owns a chic bridal boutique where she is enthralled with getting brides ready for their big day. Dressing them appropriately, in a dream-like fashion , is her gift.  Her talent to make even the plainest bride look like a princess is her passion.  However, her own wedding is coming up, and she appears to have lost all desire to dress herself. Charlotte  can't seem to take any interest in finding a gown- is this a sign?? Should she be marrying Tim?? 

The real challenge of the plot begins when Charlotte is at an estate sale and purchases a battered old trunk- one which she really can't afford. Upon getting it home and eventually when opening it, a vintage dress is discovered- it looks brand new but it isn't !!! Shimmering with pearls and satin, handstitched, it is a work of beauty. But the mystery arises: where did it come from, who wore it??? For some strange reason the trunk had been welded shut! WHY???  A mysterious man in a purple vest plays a part in the  plot. Who is he? 

Charlotte begins a search for the gown's history, as well as for a new bride to wear it.
I was so engrossed in this part of the book that I must say, I lost all track of time and place!!  We get to know the four different women who have once worn this dress, from 1912 -1968.  Rachel has the wonderful ability to intertwine their lives  as well as telling each bride's story. Every one was unique  and filled with the power of faith. In all four lives, there is a distinctive beauty in finding true love and the gown plays a huge factor.

Who will be the next bride and what will the next story be?

The magic of this story was Rachel's talent in using the dress as a symbol for the Gospel  of Jesus Christ. As she states, "It never wears out. It fits everyone who tries it on. It doesn't need to be altered. And it is always in style."  I believe that says it all!!

A fantastic story with a deep meaning!  It touched my heart as I read each person's story. Plot- excellent
Characters- fantastic, your best friends
What more can you ask for in a book???

Well done, Rachel. Number one in my book!! 5 stars!!

"Book has been provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available now from your favourite bookseller."   

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