Saturday, July 7, 2012

Amish Fiction at its Best!!

Product Details                    "Faithful to Laura"
                    By Kathleen Fuller
Kathy has once again written a story that pulled at my heartstrings, as well as   teaching me more about the Amish faith. She has the ability to make you feel the deepest, most intimate struggles of the hearts of her main characters. I felt their pain, confusion , as well as their times of joy and happiness.  They were my friends, and at times I was so engrossed in the story, they became my family. A very difficult book to put down!! This is a book to be read when you have no other tasks calling your name- you won't hear your name being called!!

This is a book that concentrated on a double romance- two couples have a great struggle to put the past behind them and continue into a brand new future, forgetting their  previous difficulties. Kathy does a superb job of describing the Amish life in Middlefield, giving us those little details that make a story extra special. She exhibits the Amish faith as one that can overcome a heartbreaking betrayal. 

Laura leaves her Kentucky home to go to Middlefield, Ohio to do one and only one thing: to find Mark King who appeared to love her with all her heart, then suddenly left.  She must find out why , so that she can continue her life and move on with her future.
Sawyer is a Yankee (Englischer) who grew up in an Amish home. Now, he is an adult and must make a decision that may be life changing- go back to the life he had as a child or be baptized into the Amish faith. Sawyer had suffered loss when he was very young, so he understands the anger that Laura feels and at times exhibits. Due to their common problems, their friendship grows, however as Laura lets down her guard, she discovers new information about Sawyer that threatens their relationship. Both she and Sawyer are struggling with the issue of anger. Somehow they must let go and forgive those who have sinned against them, that is the Amish way!

Will they be successful? Will Sawyer remain faithful to Laura as she is in the midst of struggle to trust the Lord??

This is a book that is engrossing from the very first page to the very last !!  Kathy has you immersed in the Amish life and the everyday struggles and challenges they meet. Although we think of them a people of peace and forgiveness, she reminds us that they , as well as others, have their problems and challenges. The difference comes in how these are dealt with and how they allow God to direct their lives.  As we are not all perfect, neither are they.
Thank you Kathy , for allowing me to get a true glimpse into the Amish lifestyle of Middlefield. A FANTASTIC book!! Well worth the read! A touching book which reaches your inner soul!

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  1. Good review, thanks for sharing-I too love to read amish stories and there are so many good authors doing them now.
    Paula O(