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Another Winner in the Quilts of Love Series!

                              "Maybelle in Stitches"

  By Joyce Magnin     
When I open a new book from the "Quilts of Love" Series, it is like opening a Christmas gift!  It is an exciting surprise that brings me great joy and pleasure ! Each book is unique in its plot line, however, the common bond, they all share, is the importance of a quilt. As a quilter, these tales are near and dear to my heart. I love fabric, I love quilts and I love to read about the importance of a quilt in the lives of others. However, this book would also appeal to those who have never even held a needle and thread! Maybelle , the main character is certainly not experienced in this art, yet finds quilting meets a need deep within her. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed each book in this series and "Maybelle in Stitches" was no exception. ."A patchwork quilt holds together two hearts separated by miles of ocean and the Second World War."  A quilt plays an important role in keeping a young bride sane and busy, a quilt that she had not even known existed!

About the book: Maybelle Kazinzki can't sew. She was after all, the only girl in the seventh grade Home Economics class to sew the zipper in the neck hole of the A-Line dress they were supposed to make. But when she finds an unfinished quilt in the attic of her mother's house she gets the crazy idea to finish it---somehow, come heck or high water. She thinks it will help fill the lonely nights while her husband, Holden, is serving overseas during World War II.

Her recently departed mother's quilt is made from scraps of material Maybelle traces back to her mother's childhood, her grandmother's childhood and her own childhood. She tries to add one of Holden's stripes to it but the sewing is not going well and neither is her life. After receiving some harsh news, Maybelle's faith falters and she puts the quilt away and stops trusting God. But God is faithful---no matter what. And it'll take a group of neighborhood women armed with quilting needles to help Maybelle believe that.

Learn more about this book and the series at the Quilts of Love website.

From the first page of this book, I was part of this story. My attention was grabbed and held captive until I finished the last page. The characters are described in such a way that they become friends. I laughed and cried with Maybelle and her friends, and at times, wished I could give her a big hug and yes, even some advice.  These young war brides are all held together by the common bond of a husband/boyfriend  away at war, not knowing if or when they would return. This is something I have read about in history but it became very real to me in the telling of this story. 

The book had enough twists and turns in the plot to keep my interest  throughout . Perhaps it was not fast moving, however, it encompassed so many emotions and feelings along the way that the reader is totally involved. The time is needed to process these and identify with the characters. 

I believe my favorite part of the story  was knowing that Maybelle was NOT a quilter, not even a sewer! I had to sit and giggle at some of the silly thoughts and actions . Her determination was clearly evident as the quilt grew and grew, along with her faith, strength and friendships.  This quilt was a symbol of hope and belief that her husband would return to her. What a wonderful way of showing how God supplies our needs in some very unexpected ways!

LOVED this book!! A five star! 

About the Author: Joyce Magnin is the author of the Bright's Pond novels, including the award-winning The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow. A member of the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Fellowship, Joyce is a frequent workshop leader and the organizer of the Story Crafters fiction group. She lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Joyce at: http://joycemagnin.blogspot.com

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  1. Karla, I discovered your blog when I posted my own review of Maybelle in Stitches. Like you, I am a retired school teacher. First, I worked with at risk youth, then I taught high school English, and then spent the last eleven years as the school district's librarian. I so loved being librarian, especially since I got to see three of my six grandchildren on a daily basis. I started my blog almost three years ago when I retired. Mostly I review Christian fiction, but also do inspirational nonfiction and literary fiction. I do love a mystery, now and then, so they may pop up on the site, along with favorite children's books. If I happen to have the camera nearby while I work on a sewing or quilting project I may post a photo or two. I sure hope you stop by my blog http://www.thoughtsfrommillstreet.blogspot.com I will be looking at your site more closely and will keep stopping by. Happy reading. (Oh, by the way, I live in a Wisconsin community that has many Amish residents)
    Sue W.