Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Can living a pretense EVER make you happy????

                             "What Follows After"
               By Dan Walsh         

Having always been impressed by this author's creations, I immediately "dug" in to this book with enthusiasm! This book is definitely a five star book in my opinion. Dan Walsh uses his talent to immerse you in the story from the first page, not allowing you peace of mind, until you reach the end of the book.  What is very special about this author, is that he has a message in all of his works, a very clear one, that underlies the whole story, engaging your mind in applying it in your own life. 

The time is 1962 when life was simple, the world made a lot more sense than now, and most families were quite happy and content.  When a family did have a problem, you KNEW you were still supposed to pretend that everything was fine! No one must know that your perfect family did not exist!  

The main characters, Scott and Gina Harrison had been living a lie! They attend all family get togethers in the same car, however they had been living separate lives for over a year. This charade has been forced upon their two sons, as well. The boys had to lie to their grandparents, teachers, and their friends. Can this kind of lie ever achieve a life of happiness?? Is it not wrong to make your children lie to protect your image in the public eye??? Dan's characters are, as usual, realistic, complicated beings who have the same problems as many others. I felt this couple's fears and worries as the plot develops. At times, my heart was pounding with concern and wondering what on earth the next chapter would bring!

One of the boys, Colt develops a plan. He and his little brother will run away and refuse to come home until their mom and dad get back together. Sounds simple, doesn't it??? At least it does in a child's mind. BUT things go terribly wrong! Scott and Gina must somehow come to grips with their years of neglect and problems in order to  find their sons. 

The message throughout the book was one that we all need to remember. The things that matter most in life are NOT what others think!! Love, truth, and family are the key to a life of happiness! You have to deal with the hard times and look back on them as a learning experience! We all need to look into our lives and think about the hard times! Can we smile about them now??? Has God met our needs as He has promised? Of course He has!  Does the past really matter now? God knows where He is leading us, it is up to us to follow His plan.

Loved this book!! If you want to be completely absorbed from beginning to end, try this novel. Truly a winner! Eagerly awaiting Dan's next creation!

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