Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finding Home in the Last Place She Looked!!

      "Atlas Girl"

By Emily T. Wierenga

I first discovered this author when reading and reviewing The Quilts of Love Series. Pleasantly surprised by her book,( new authors don't always impress me so easily), "A Promise in Pieces", she gained my admiration, with her unique style and excellent plot development. When asked if I would be interested in reviewing this new book, a memoir of her journey through life, I did hesitate, if only for a moment, due to my love of fiction. I knew that this was NOT imaginary, it would be a story of Emily's struggle to live in a troublesome world. However, my curiosity got the best of me, and I agreed, on the basis of my memories of her fantastic quilt story.

"Atlas Girl" reads as a journal,  and you travel this difficult road alongside this young lady. Emily takes you right into her world that encounters heartache, grief, happiness and hope around the globe, as she strives to find true self in this confusing life. Growing up in a pastor's family has its trials and Emily finds herself in the depths of despair, showing us the pain behind the pulpit that existed. 

I could easily identify with Emily, as she grew up in a small Canadian town that I have visited many times. Broken down with organized religion, a childhood battle with anorexia, and her parents' faithful yet rigid rules, she sets out on a life changing task . She strives to find God somewhere else, anywhere but in her home town. Her travels takes her across three continents using all forms of transportation, some, very unusual and uncomfortable. 

A huge awakening was waiting for Emily!! She realized finally, that her faith had been waiting for her all along... in the place she least expected it. As we all do, she has longed for true acceptance, forgiveness and loved without doubt. But the true surprise is where she finally ends up feeling fulfilled! 

This is a story with extreme depth and meaning. You walk with Emily through broken places, feeling her intense pains and disappointments. However, you also travel to the joyful result of the journey, to the place where she finds her broken heart, once again whole, and how God fills her soul with much needed happiness.

There is a very real message in this book. God sees us through our darkest moments and fills us with His power to live a meaningful life, happy and content in knowing that He is in control.

A great thought provoking read!

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