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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Brand New Amish Mystery by Popular Author, Vannetta Chapman!

                                                   "Murder Tightly Knit"
                  By Vannetta Chapman

What a fantastic surprise to receive in my mailbox!! As I unwrapped this book, the cover immediately grabbed my attention! So different, so appealing, I could hardly wait to begin reading!! Usually, my attention is not drawn as much to the cover as to the author's name and title, however, this book has a highly attractive and appealing picture. Combined with the title, who wouldn't be attracted ???

Vannetta has combined two of my favorite genres, mystery and Amish. This book, "Murder Tightly Knit" is the second in "The Amish Village Mystery Series"  and is every bit as enthralling as the first, ""Murder Simply Brewed".

The characters drew me into the story from the first page. Hannah Troyer knew that something was amiss at The Cat's Meow Yarn Shop in the little town where the Amish and Englisch mingle every day. It is normally a nice quiet, touristy Artisan Village where people come to enjoy a cup of coffee, a delicious meal and shopping for crafts. It is the last place that you would expect to be involved with a grisly murder. The Cat's Meow has been closing at strange times, with the manager, Mary who is normally calm and dependable, disappearing without a word to her friends.  An Englisch man has been observed loitering in the back of the story, raising a few suspicions.

Now, in the small town of Middlebury, Indian, a young man, Owen has been discovered dead on the Pumpkinvine Trail, a path leading toward the village. The clues are scarce. One of the few leads are to The Cat's Meow, one that is just not understandable to Mary's good friends. How could she ever be involved??? A sweet lady who is dedicated to the Amish faith !!

This murder becomes complicated as strange clues appear. The FBI are called in . However, Hannah and the village manager, Amber are in no mood to wait for them to figure out the mystery, what they already know, no one from the Amish Village killed Owen. Amber and Hannah need to work quickly to restore the harmony back to the Amish community, Who killed Owen??? Certainly, not one of their own!!! What secrets will the FBI discover???

This story started off with a bang on the very first page and the mystery and whodunit feeling continued until reading the last page. What appears to be a simple murder, turns into a complicated plot full of unexpected twists and turns. There was nothing SIMPLE about this mystery!!  Unusual government involvement turned up totally unexpected complications! Just when I thought  that I had all the answers, silly me, there would be a highly detailed clue, one that was a total shock!! 
This book is definitely not one to read if you have jobs to do around the house. You just wont get them done!! I could not put it down, much to my husband's dismay, particularly at mealtime!! 

The characters became part of me . I wanted to join them in their search for the clues. At times, I found myself so worried about them that I must admit, they became my best friends. They were active within me, talking to me as I read! Yes, sounds odd, but that is how highly involved I was in the plot and these wonderful people. 

Vannetta has done it again!! She has written a five star book!! I can hardly wait for the next!!

This book was provided by the author and publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Karla. I'm THRILLED that you enjoyed MTK.


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