Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Brand New Author to Explore!

"The Journey Home"
    By Hope Kesler

Amish fiction just happens to be one of my favorite genres, however , this author is brand new to me, as she is to many others. As this book was offered to me by Hope, herself , to read and review, I wondered what kind of book I would encounter. It is a novella, short, but would it appeal to my liking??? This really seemed like a silly question, once I started reading this book!

Since I do read a LOT of Amish fiction, I am familiar with common themes and settings. It was a pleasant surprise to find that Hope Kesler wrote from a perspective quite different from the norm. It really appealed to my interest, from the first page. The only real negative thought while I was reading, was that this book is just WAY too short!

Birdie, the main character, was brought up Amish, however, her personality is quite different from what you expect from an Amish young lady. She is far from submissive and definitely has a mind of her own, keeping her feelings NO secrets from friends and family. The relationship that Birdie has with her father is not one that is kind or desirable. Although he is a deacon in the church, quite a honored position, he actually lied to get her to return home to take care of her ailing mother. Faith describes these characters in such a realistic manner that early in the book, they become part of you. There were times when I just wanted to shake Birdie's dad and shout at him. NO, it isn't very Christian like, but he greatly disturbed me by his cruel attitude toward his sick wife and kind daughter. 
It has been kept a secret from the community that Birdie was living in the Englische world. In fact, her father lied, so as to not shame himself .
Caleb appears in the story and brings with him the true kindness that is generally part of the Amish faith. He and Birdie find themselves attracted to one another. BUT.... does Birdie wish to return to her Amish roots?? Would Caleb,who is new to the community, but finding a place in his comfort zone, ever leave his new job and home, for a woman???  
The message is clearly laid out in this book. The Amish are not exempt from problems that everyone else encounters. The plot was well developed, with the common theme throughout- people in all faiths can make mistakes and have battles within.

My desire is that this author continues to write and PLEASE write longer books!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this one!!

This ebook was received from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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