Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Great Read for All Amish Fiction Lovers!!

"Return to Paradise"
 By Barbara Cameron


Twelve months ago, David Stoltzfus left the Amish community in Paradise, Pennsylvania—and encouraged his siblings to follow—after their father became overly stern and even abusive with them. Escaping to a new life in the Englisch world was the only way to keep one another safe. But it was not without sacrifice. When David left his father’s house and community, he also left behind Lavina Zook, the woman he planned to wed. 

Lavina hasn’t forgiven David for abandoning her, but when David’s father is diagnosed with cancer, she believes she might be the only one to lure him back to make peace . . . before it’s too late. Still, forgiveness isn’t easy. Even if she can get David to return, she’s not sure he will forgive his father. And she’s not sure she can forgive David, either.

My Thoughts:
This book is the first in a new series by popular author, Barbara Cameron, entitled "The Coming Home Series". After having thoroughly enjoyed all other books by this author, my expectations were high, and I must say, this novel was just as good , if not better , than her others. I certainly was not disappointed. 

Barbara's talent in development of characters was clearly evident in this story. I often judge a book as being "good", if I can identify with at least one of the main characters. Lavina, a young, unmarried Amish woman appealed to me and became part of me as the story began. She has many struggles and challenges and I must say, that I felt every one. Her emotional roller coaster became mine! David, the single man in the story, quickly gains my sympathy as he battles his own, very different problems in life. Can these two very dear people find love ? Or will all the obstacles in their way, defeat them?

The plot is extremely well developed and kept me engrossed from beginning to end. There are surprising twists and turns that pop up to shock the reader and keep one captivated. This storyline is one that is very different from the norm, problems that are not generally addressed in Amish fiction. The subject of an abusive husband is described in a sensitive manner, making us realize that the Amish are no different from you and I. They have similar problems in life! However, how they are dealt with are often very difficult. Divorce is simply not an answer when living in an Amish community. The story also addressed how this type of abuse affects the entire family, not only the spouse. Can forgiveness heal the situation??  How does a family deal with this, when the community tends to hide the problems? Abuse of this nature tends to send the children running, and this book is no exception. The sons have all left home. Will they return home when their father is ill?? Can they forgive the past?? This is all addressed in this book. Running away from a problem may appear to help but is does not solve any problem. 

The theme throughout this book is one of faith, forgiveness and prayer.  Easier said than done. Sin enters lives and tries to rip families and communities apart. Only God can deal with this and heal the hurts. 

A fantastic read!! I am eagerly awaiting Book Two in this series!! Get writing, Barbara!!

This book was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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  1. I really like Barbara's books, I want to read this book too! I will have to look into getting it soon.


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