Sunday, January 29, 2017

Everyone Loves Weddings!! Especially Amish Weddings!

                                   "Amish Weddings"
          By Leslie Gould


Rose Lehman is always the life of the Amish youth singings, a social event that the young people look forward to, a fun time for them to play volleyball, sing, and have refreshments, a place where romantic relationships often begin. Rose is one determined young lady. She has one goal in her life- to marry the bishop's son, Reuben Byler. However, another handsome young man suddenly appears on the scene. Trevor is an Army buddy of Rose's future brother in law. He appears to be much more exciting than Reubon, a quiet, somewhat boring man. Trevor's sense of fun and adventure appeals to Rose who shares those qualities. 

A devastating accident takes place. Rose's sister, Lila is badly injured. Suddenly, Rose discovers a freedom that she has never had before. Reuben notices this change, however, being a patient man, never voices any concerns. Part of Rose loves this new found freedom, while on the other hand, she wishes Reuben would show some spunk and fight for her love!  Will Rose choose the exciting, uncertain path of love with Trevor or will she stick with her faith and remain faithful to her intended???

My Thoughts:
This book is the third in Leslie Gould's "Lancaster County" Series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two and was eagerly awaiting the third. This novel was certainly no disappointment. It captured my attention in the first chapter and maintained it until the last page!

The characters were realistic and well developed, in fact, so much so , that at times, I wanted to give them a good shake to wake them up to the good things that they were ignoring that were right in front of them. Immediately, I was drawn into the lives of Rose and Reuben and became part of their rocky relationship. I wanted to shout at Rose and give her a good shake!  Why couldn't she see how good she would have it if she remained faithful to her beliefs?? 

The plot moves steadily with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Sensitive subjects were addressed that we normally don't think of when reading the Amish genre, making this a unique and interesting read.  The turmoil that Rose's family experienced was felt deep within me. It seems as if everything that could go wrong, did!

The focus on Christian values and the importance of keeping one's faith in the darkest moments shines through this book. Our selfish plans are not always the ones that God chooses to give us. The importance of depending on God's will is evident throughout the challenges in the story. 

This is a five star book!! An entertaining read that keeps the reader guessing!!!

This book was a gift . The opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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